01:28 GMT +317 February 2019
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    US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin (L)

    US Launches New Strategy in Syria to 'Pay Back' Russia?

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    Washington hopes that US improvidence in its Middle East policy will be unnoticed if it promptly creates the appearance of strong action, WSJ wrote.

    The decision of US President Barack Obama to send 50 American special operations troops to Syria doesn’t seem to have been well thought out, the author noted.

    It’s more likely an attempt by the White House to make up for the humiliation delivered by Russia’s actions in Syria, Wall Street Journal wrote. At the moment, America craves to demonstrate that it is not useless in the fight with ISIL, it added.

    US President Barack Obama declined most of the Pentagon’s offers regarding Syrian conflict, including “boots on the ground” and a no-fly zone over Syria “because US risks upsetting Russia.”

    Instead, the US president announced that he would dispatch a small group of US special operations soldiers in Syria to assist Kurdish troops, as part of a broader anti-terrorist fight.

    It currently remains unclear how long the group is supposed to participate in the reconciliation of the conflict and what kind of mission it will be entrusted with.

    However, the group is so small, all the troops will probably end up killed or captured by militants, the newspaper warned.

    "The deployment sounds more like an attempt by the White House to respond to its Russian humiliation by showing Americans it is at least doing something more against Islamic State. But it doesn’t seem to be part of a serious new military strategy," Wall Street Journal notes.

    Meanwhile, current US foreign policy shows the Obama administration is completely delusional when it comes to the Middle East, the US media noted.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry and his first deputy Tony Blinken continue to claim that US retreat can be regarded as success, that Russia’s achievements will turn out to be a fail and that five years of the Syrian civil war will soon lead to the triumph of peace.

    It’s unbelievable, taking the whole situation into account and in spite of all the facts and evidence, that Barack Obama still thinks that the world history is on his side, the WSJ concluded.


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