02:52 GMT31 March 2020
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    The United States has been determined to prevent Moscow and Beijing from building a fruitful and lasting partnership since late 1990s, Professor Michel Chossudovsky asserted.

    "There is a rather destructive shift in the US foreign policy, which I think is largely motivated by the realignment of China with Russia under the Shanghai Cooperation Agreement," the Canadian economist noted. Essentially, the US wants "to break this alliance," which, he believes, is "quite fragile because the US and Western capitalism are fairly well entrenched into the fabric of the banking system in China."

    Washington, according to Chossudovsky, is intent on dominating the world through military and economic means, which renders any cooperation between other major powers too risky to ignore. In fact, US leadership has succeeded in implementing this agenda in those parts of the world where "puppet and proxy regimes" accept the existing power balance but nations like China have no wish to become part of this strategic architecture.

    "The Chinese will not do that. … They are not going to accept the US hegemonic project in Asia," Chossudovsky affirmed. Moreover, the Americans "will never be able to encroach on [Chinese] territory in the same way that they encroach on the territory of Iraq or Syria," he added.

    Spratly group of islands
    The president of the Centre for Research on Globalization warned that the US could use "dirty tricks" to influence Beijing. These primarily entail support for insurgency movements within China.

    For instance, Washington, according to the expert, has been backing al-Qaeda affiliated organizations in the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region.

    Chossudovsky maintains that the US is essentially trying to "curb the Chinese tiger." The Chinese economy "has served" the Western market economy for more than three decades. The US wants to maintain this status quo. The goal is not to let the tiger "exceed to the status of a global capitalist entity," he noted.


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