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    Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants

    World ‘Needs Superpower Like Russia to Take ISIL Down’

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    The participants of the Vienna talks have agreed to work towards establishing a nationwide ceasefire in Syria.

    The final communique notes that the truce must be implemented in parallel with a renewed political process in the country.

    Dean Henderson, an author and political analyst, spoke to Sputnik in an exclusive interview.

    “The important thing is that the conference happened and that Sergei Lavrov managed to get the Iranians invited to the conference. I think if you look at the conference itself it is a good thing because people are talking and they are talking about diplomacy.”

    He spoke about the whole situation in the Middle East saying that the whole game there is changing and that Russia is playing an important role in it.

    “In the end this conference will yield results simply because it is the new game and there is a new set of players now. It was important that Iran took part and if you look at the conference it seemed to me that Sergei Lavrov was pretty much running the show,” Henderson said during the interview.

    He went on to say that the US is out of the defensive and it will have to fold up these so called moderate groups which is totally an oxymoron, “You don’t have armed moderate rebels anywhere in the world. They are basically cut outs who are funneling weapons and drugs as there is large narcotic trafficking going on in the region as well.”

    Henderson spoke about the US military industrial complex and how the money is made and how the refugee crisis was all fabricated in order to empty out this region and leave it without any oil and gas. “It becomes easier to do that when you have less radical people in the region.”

    “It is a global mafia that we are dealing with and we need a super power. Russia is now a super power that can deal with this mafia. The world is hoping that Putin is the guy who will stand up and he has the weapons to take this banking cartel down.”

    The analyst also spoke about the future of Bashar Assad in Syria. “It is none of the US’ business who Syria elects just like it was none of our business in Yugoslavia. The West is clearly the aggressor just like they were in Ukraine.”


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