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    US Secretary of State John Kerry, left, and Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

    Alliance Between Turkey, US May Fall to Pieces Amid Syrian Campaign

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    Neither Turkey nor the US is following the principles of cooperation when it comes to their interests in Syria, the website What They Say About US wrote.

    The US once again demonstrated to Ankara that it can do whatever it wants without any permission from other countries.

    As the US lent military support to Kurdish and Arab guerrillas in Syria, it had not had any talks with Ankara despite knowing that it would displease Erdogan.

    Moreover, Ankara recently started to express its dissatisfaction with the US (and also Russian) activities in Syria in a more open way. Last week, the Turkish Foreign Ministry separately called the Russian and American ambassadors in Ankara to inform them about the Turkish government's position on the Syrian problem.

    “It's very clear that the US didn't see the slightest need to consult Turkey before making the important decision to support the Kurds in Syria both militarily and politically. Otherwise American ambassador John Bass wouldn't have been summoned by the Turkish Foreign Ministry,” the website wrote.

    However, Turkey is not strong enough to afford a confrontation with the US. The relations between the two countries are quite strained, but Ankara does not have enough military and economic resources to withstand the world power.

    “The USA – no matter how much this may anger Ankara – will do whatever it wants, whenever it wants,” the article said, adding that Americans are “not going to bother with niceties of distinction when providing military aid to any groups which its NATO ally Turkey views as a threat”.


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