09:54 GMT24 July 2021
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    Embarrassingly, some Western media are parroting unverified narratives regarding Russian warplanes "intentionally" attacking medical facilities in Syria, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher Tony Cartalucci underscores, adding that the allegations have no credible evidence underpinning them.

    Some Western media outlets have no scruples about citing unverified information regarding Russia's military operation in Syria spread by US-backed NGOs such as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights or the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS), Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher Tony Cartalucci stresses.

    Cartalucci narrated that on October 21, AFP media broke the news about an alleged Russian strike against a "field hospital" in northwestern Syria that resulted in the death of 13 people including medical staff. The media outlet cited the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    "Of course the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is actually a single individual named Rami Abdel Rahman, who is admittedly sympathetic to those seeking the division and destruction of Syria. Rami Abdel Rahman is also based in the UK, so is not actually 'observing' anything in Syria. He himself has been observed coordinating his activities with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London," Cartalucci revealed in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

    The geopolitical researcher noted that the "field hospital" was allegedly run by the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS). The latter is a "multi-million dollar US-based NGO, provided with full support by the US State Department."

    "Upon SAMS' website is even a video by US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Powers, hailing SAMS as one of her 'personal heroes'," Cartalucci noted.

    According to Cartalucci, SAMS is in fact aiding terrorist organizations in Syria, which are seeking to balkanize the country, under the smokescreen of its alleged medical work.

    Furthermore, the organization, backed by Washington, has been spotted disseminating anti-government propaganda, aimed at ruining Damascus' credibility.

    The researcher pointed to the fact that while commenting on the issue, a SAMS' staff member admitted, that in fact two hospital staff — a physiotherapist and a nurse — died in the result of the strike; the unnamed staff member did not specify whether the attack had been carried out by a Russian warplane or some other fighter jet.

    "This unconvincing narrative was quickly augmented by the Western media with other 'strikes.' The number quickly went from one to three, then four, and then up to seven — seven hospitals allegedly struck by Russian warplanes, all according to the same handful of Western-backed fronts, echoed by an increasingly discredited Western media," the geopolitical researcher elaborated.

    An American and a British mainstream media outlet were playing number games: citing Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, SAMS, the US-based "Physicians for Human Rights" (PHR), and "the opaque Medical Relief for Syria" the publications claimed that "at least three" or even "at least four" medical facilities have been attacked "by fighter jets in north-western Syria since Russia's intervention."

    "The New York Times places the capstone upon this growing propaganda campaign with its article, 'Group Cites 7 Attacks on Hospitals Across Syria'," Cartalucci proceeded with his narrative.

    However, the media outlet added a cautionary disclaimer, stating that it was impossible to independently confirm who exactly carried out these strikes, he added.

    Interestingly enough, amid these "growing lies" the US bombing attack on MSF hospital in Kunduz or the Saudi strike against MSF hospital located in the Yemeni city of Saada remain the stories largely neglected by major newsmakers.

    It seems that some Western media have unleashed an all-out propaganda war against Moscow and Damascus, aiming to portray the Russian Air Force and the Syrian government military as "threats to humanitarian aid efforts and medical relief," the researcher noted.

    However, the result of such a propaganda campaign is quite the opposite.

    Mikhail Bulgakov's world famous novel "Master and Margarita" comes to mind: "The more lifelike and colorful the vile details with which the administrator furnished his story, the less the director believed the storyteller… [when the story was finished] the director already knew firmly that everything the administrator… was telling him, everything, was a lie! A lie from first word to last!" 


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