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    Apocalypse, Now? Nuclear War May Result in Loss of Earth's Atmosphere

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    American and EU policy-makers who are pushing ahead with the modernization of NATO’s nuclear arsenal in Europe must be aware that even the most secured underground facility will not save them if a global nuclear conflict erupts, Canadian scientist Dr. Stoyan Sarg notes.

    In times when international rules are neglected by some influential Western global players which hasten to solve their geopolitical problems through military interventions, the threat of a nuclear catastrophe has acquired a new meaning.

    The Pentagon is currently beefing up NATO's nuclear stockpiles in Europe, by replacing old warheads with the new B61-12 thermonuclear bombs. This initiative is prompting growing concerns in Europe and beyond.

    "With the new NATO plan for installation of nuclear tactical weapons in Europe, nuclear missiles may reach Moscow in only 6 minutes… The question is: how can we be sure that this will not be triggered by human error or a computer malfunction," Canadian scientist and engineer Dr. Stoyan Sarg noted in his article for Foreign Policy Journal (FPJ).

    Those who are championing Europe's nuclearization plan are pushing the world to the brink of nuclear disaster.

    "Probably, it will not be a nuclear winter that they hope to survive in their underground facilities," the scientist remarked.

    "The most probable consequence will be a partial loss of the Earth's atmosphere as a result of one or many powerful simultaneous tornadoes caused by the nuclear explosions," Dr. Sarg warned.

    The scientist elaborated that in a tornado a powerful anti-gravitational effect takes places. Remarkably, the effective height of this anti-gravitational phenomenon is not limited to the height of the atmosphere. In the event of multiple simultaneous powerful tornadoes, we may face a phenomenon of suction of the earth atmosphere into space.

    "Such events are observed on the Sun and present physical science does not have an explanation for them. The anti-gravitational effect is accompanied by specific electromagnetic fields with a twisted shape," he explained adding that similar effects, known as "sprites," could be also observed in Earth's atmosphere.

    Referring to the first atmospheric nuclear tests carried out in 20th century, the Canadian scientist pointed to the fact that a number of induced tornadoes were observed near the nuclear "mushroom." However, the strongest anti-gravitational effect occurred in the mushroom's central column.

    Sarg highlighted that underwater nuclear tests also demonstrated a strong anti-gravitational effect. The explosion raises millions of tons of water, contained in its vertical column.

    But what about advanced thermonuclear weapons?

    "Thermonuclear bombs are multiple times more powerful," Sarg pointed out.

    Needless to say, modern thermonuclear bombs, such as the B61-12, are more powerful than those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US seventy years ago.

    Today hundreds of millions of dollars "are required to integrate the B61-12 on five different aircraft, including Belgian, Dutch, German, Italian and Turkish fighter-bombers,"  Federation of American Scientists reports, adding that "an estimated 480 B61-12 bombs are planned, with the first production unit in 2020."

    "The combination of the guided standoff B61-12 with the stealthy fifth-generation F-35A fighter-bomber will significantly improve the military capabilities of NATO's nuclear posture in Europe," the Federation claims.

    It seems that neither American nor European politicians are bothered about the possible consequences of this project.

    Dr. Sarg noted that Mars once had liquid water and purportedly an atmosphere that mysteriously disappeared one day.

    "If the scenario described above takes place, the Earth will become a dead planet like Mars," the scientist stressed.

    "The powerful politicians, military adventurers and their financial supporters must be aware that even the most secured underground facility will not save them if a global nuclear conflict is triggered. Their disgraced end will be more miserable than the deaths of the billions of innocent human beings, including the animal world," Dr. Sarg concluded.


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