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    Free Syrian Army fighters walk with their weapons in the Deraa countryside September 9, 2015

    Free Syrian Army Just Some ‘Entity Acting for Political Gain’

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    Members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have sent a proposal to Russia on holding talks in Cairo on cooperation in the settlement of the Syrian conflict.

    “The Free Syrian Army is ready for a dialogue with Russia. We need to facilitate a new meeting, so we could express our position and discuss our joint actions…. We can make a joint decision on what kind of assistance Russia might provide to the Free Syrian Army,” FSA’s Fahad Masri told RIA Novosti.

    Radio Sputnik discussed the initiative with Deputy Director of the Damascus Center for International and Strategic Studies, Dr. Taleb Ibrahim.

    “I am sure there is no Free Syrian Army because they refused to cooperate with Russia. They want a political role or political resolution in Syria because they know they have no real existence on the ground. They have no real forces, no Free Syrian Army because they were unable to cooperate with Russia in military field or receive any aid from Russia.”

    He said that these are some kind of entities who call themselves the Free Syrian Army from the defected officers who are living in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. “They want power. They want to talk to Russia about a political resolution to find a place for themselves and their future.”

    He went on to say that there is a new kind of cold war going in Syria. They want to fight Russia and prevent Russia as now they have seen that Russia has a very strong effective presence in Syria. “It is like what the US did in Afghanistan. What is happening in Syria is an international war.”

    “If tomorrow there is an election in Syria, I am sure that 70% of Syrians will vote for President Bashar Assad because right now there is a war against Syria the faith, the culture, the history and the co-existence between different religions and ethnics. It is not a war against Bashar Assad, he is a Syrian and he was elected by Syrians. He was not nominated by the US or Qatar to tell him when he comes and when he goes.”

    He said that this needs to be decided in the parliament and not and not by violence, as well as not by Saudi Arabia who has no real constitution or political freedom. He said that “free, liberated parliamentary elections are what Syria needs.”


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    • Nothing more to say! Everything has been summed up.
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      The word “Free” in Free Syrian Army (if they really do exist) is a gross deception. How can it be “free” when it is under the clutches of the US?
    • Mohd Xyz
      Free Syrian Army ,nussra,isis,issi many more wat is the achivment all of this group in Syria..5 years war,, disatblise country,killing people, imposing law of jungle, might is right wat more, i think now this group wants to shair the power without election, it is the work of election commison of republic SYRIA TO DECIED either all of this group are capable to contest the election or not, first of all all this group has to surrender to the goverment of Syria with the proof who was there master under whom direct order they were working and give all the proof evedence...I think terrorist game is over,
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      I agree, except that polls should be held, even to run parliamentarian elections. Russia should NOT hold any talks with them anywhere.. Not for transitions , nor reforms.
      Reforms should be done, first using polls. Next a snap referendum AFTER all bee exposed publicly , and people educated about what is what.No need for years of school. But that all be explained in simple language, very basic. Like you talking to a 6 yrs old. Then a referendum can be have.

      Why? Is the future of Syrian's. Not U.S, Not E.U. Not Saudi's.. Nor Qatar's. No one but Syrian's. And refuse absentee votes etc. ONLY Syrian's in Syrian soil, will be able to vote.

      That's another reason why U.S refuse to send refugee's to Russia. They did it before. With those in U.S tipping the scales of election's and voting for anything U.S and west press said.
    • I am so sick of hearing about this nonexistent group. Please Sputnik, stop using that BS name.

      To me FSA stands for "From Saudi Arabia".
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      Robertin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Hahaha, that's a good one, @Shue.
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