20:56 GMT11 July 2020
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    The recent Russo-American agreement which aims to "de-conflict" the airspace over Syria has evidently hit a raw nerve in US Senator John McCain.

    US Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, blew his lid after Washington and Moscow concluded an agreement aiming at "de-conflicting" Syria's airspace in order to avoid dangerous  incidents and accidents between the US and Russian Air Forces.

    "This 'de-confliction' agreement with Russia means that the United States will now be watching and moving out of the way while Russian aircraft, together with Syrian, Iranian, and Hezbollah ground forces, attack and kill brave young Syrians, many of whom our country has supported and encouraged to fight back against a brutal dictator [Bashar al-Assad]," McCain said in an official statement.

    "This is not only self-defeating and harmful to our national interests; it is immoral," he proceeded, "This decision will reverberate ominously across the Middle East at a time when our friends increasingly do not trust us and our enemies do not feel deterred by us."

    While Senator McCain continues his ranting and raving, US journalist Daniel Larison points to the fact that the agreement signed by Russia and the US actually lessens the risks to US pilots flying over Syria.

    "McCain is bound to be annoyed by the agreement because it represents another step away from the crazy 'no-fly zone' option that he and other Syria hawks support. It is revealing that McCain objects so strenuously to an agreement that lessens the risks to US pilots flying over Syria," Larison wrote in his latest piece for The American Conservative.

    "I doubt many Americans would find that to be either immoral or harmful," the journalist stressed.

    Larison admitted that indeed Washington's behavior in Syria has been immoral but it is not related to the agreement.

    By supporting and encouraging its proxies in Syria the US government "has created an absurd situation": it "has contributed to a conflict in which it has nothing at stake while setting those proxies up for failure."

    Larison quoted US columnist Adam Elkus, who nailed it by saying that "there is something very unjust and disturbing in the way in which the United States can encourage men to risk their lives under the false hope that Uncle Sam will be with them the whole way."

    Indeed, there is something really immoral in the US' proxy warfare, where people are being used like pawns in the Washington political establishment's grand chess game.


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