22:12 GMT15 June 2021
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    Since the end of the Cold War, the US leadership has been unable to find a goal, which would unite Americans and help lead the nation into the future, political commentator and author Patrick J. Buchanan wrote for the American Conservative.

    "When [the Cold War] was over in 1990, America was suddenly at a loss for a new cause to live for, fight for, and, if need be, see its sons die for," he observed. And it is not for the lack of trying.

    George Bush wanted the US to build a "New World Order," while Bill Clinton championed liberal interventionism in the Balkans. George W. Bush thought that the US was meant to prevent Iraq, Iran and North Korea from building nuclear weapons.

    "At the peak of his prestige, like Pope Urban II, Bush declared a global crusade for democracy. This ended like many of the crusades. Democratic elections were won by Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and, after the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt," Buchanan noted.

    Barack Obama pledged to scale down America's presence in the Middle East. He delivered on the promise and "was rewarded with two terms by a country that has shown minimal enthusiasm for more wars in the Middle East," the analyst observed.

    None of these causes managed to transform into a true and lasting calling for the whole nation like the need for the victory in the Cold War did, which united the country and defined its life for four decades.

    "Other than supporting Israel, maintaining access to Gulf oil, and resisting ISIS and al-Qaeda, upon what do Americans agree? … America is a nation divided, not only upon the means we should use to attain our ends in the world, but upon the ends themselves," he concluded.


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