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    In this photo taken on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015, Syrian army personnel fire a cannon in Latakia province, about 12 from the border with Turkey in Syria

    It's All About Gas? US Hawks Plan to Transform Syria Into 'Another Libya'

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    Washington's ultimate goal in Syria is to transform the country into another failed state, US author Eric Zuesse believes, adding that it's all about oil and gas routes in the Middle East.

    In mid-October American journalist Brandon Turbeville pointed to a peculiar fact: while Russia was attacking ISIL and al-Qaeda targets in Syria, US military forces "launched a bombing mission of its own against two power plants Aleppo."

    "The power plants were located in al-Rudwaniya east of Aleppo and resulted in power outages affecting the Syrian people, adding to the American tradition of bombing civilian infrastructure instead of ISIS and other terrorist targets in Syria," Turbeville noted, reminding that Washington's bombing campaign in Syria is a brazen violation of international law (in contrast, Russian military forces have been invited by the Syrian legitimate government).

    There is only one explanation for the Pentagon's inexplicable military actions: Washington and its Middle Eastern allies are planning to transform Syria into a failed state — another Libya — US author Eric Zuesse stresses.

    "The US aim is a failed Syrian state, so Russia will lose an ally… The US aims to destroy Syria; Russia wants to salvage Syria. So: while Russia bombs ISIS and other jihadists, US bombs Syria's infrastructure. A nation without the infrastructure to hold it together is a failed state — America's goal," Zuesse emphasized in his article for Strategic Culture Foundation.

    But why do they want to ruin the country's economy and statehood?

    There is a very simple explanation, the American author elaborated: Washington, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey want to take over Syria to build a pipeline to take oil and gas through the territory of the country into Turkey and thus the EU. They view Bashar al-Assad as a stumbling block in the way of their well-thought-out plan.

    "The US goal in Syria is a failed state where the local warlords — who will be ISIS [ISIL], al-Nusra, and other jihadists — will share the oil-and-gas profits with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which will build through Syria pipelines into Europe, thereby replacing Russia's supplies of oil and gas. This is Obama's goal, and not only that of King Saud, the Qatari Emir, and the other direct economic beneficiaries of the plan," Zuesse underscored.

    The issue of Middle Eastern natural resources is a burning one. 

    Some reporters have recently posed a question, of how the Islamic State is capable to produce oil in severe war conditions, employing hundreds of workers to operate numerous wells in the territory occupied by ISIL.

    That is not all: in June 2014 Thierry Meyssan noted in his article for Voltairnet.org that although the US is closely monitoring the oil market, inexplicably, al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front and ISIL are able to sell oil globally.

    "If the Front al-Nusra and the ISIL are able to sell oil on the international market, they are authorized by Washington and are linked to storefront oil companies," Meyssan suggested.

    He noted that earlier, in March 2014, "the Libyan Benghazi separatists had failed to sell the oil that they had seized. The US Navy intercepted the tanker Morning Glory and had returned it to Libya."

    There are more examples of Washington's "cooperation" with jihadists in Syria, Zuesse noted, referring to a report written by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in April 2014. According to Hersh, Obama had arranged for weapons in Libya to be sent to jihadists (including al-Nusra) in Syria.

    "By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi's arsenals into Syria. A number of front companies were set up in Libya, some under the cover of Australian entities," Hersh wrote as cited by the American author.

    It seems that what is going on in the Middle East is a part of Washington's famous "controlled chaos" strategy. Russia's military involvement in Syria is contradicting US hawks plans.

    That is why Obama does not want to join the Syria-Russia-Iraq-Iran coalition, instead he is trying to defeat it, according to Zuesse.

    Whatever Washington is saying, its goals are clear: it wants to maintain full control over the region's natural resources together with its Middle Eastern allies.

    "Echoing Goebbels, Hillary Clinton said on 18 August 2011, when the United States was starting its remove-Assad operation: "We understand the strong desire of the Syrian people that no foreign country should intervene in their struggle, and we respect their wishes," Zuesse underscored adding that the US political establishment in fact completely ignores these wishes. 


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      I would say that plan is in the past tense. That WAS the US plan. That plan is a no-go. The US can keep trying to force it, like riding 80 mph on a flat tire.
    • Neochrome
      Interesting that the West had a sanctions on Serbia where even medical supplies were held at the border until they expire, Iran until recently had crippling sanctions on their oil trade, yet somehow ISIS is doing the business "just fine".
      Perhaps a few more destroyed power plants will help Syrian civilians rely less on terrorists for their energy needs. Yeah, it does sound insane to you and me, question of who comes up with ideas like that and what is the true goal for them over there comes naturally...
    • Earnie
      well, that's the reason why Putin intervened. He was not lying when he said that he was fighting for Russian interests there. If those pipelines would be built, Russia would most likely lose the European market. And so little can't even the Russian eat, to compensate for such a major loss of income. If Putin would have just wanted to prevent Russian IS terrorists from spreading their war north, his troops would be bombing the IS and not other rebel groups.
    • in reply toEarnie(Show commentHide comment)
      Earnie, there are already 3500 ISIS terrorists settled in 25 of Afghanistan's 34 provinces. Not too difficult to imagine that through Tajikistan, they might try to reach Russia. And if Assad, Syria's president wants to keep his political, economical ties with Russia, they will do so. US can't force the world to do what they need.
    • King Arturus
      Eric Zuesse is right, it's all about oil and gas pipeline, Syria is very important for both parties and that what worries me the most.
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      Insidious plan was known for a long while
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      An oil Co. by the name of "Genie Energy " has been granted a licence by Israel to explore the Golan Heights !-among the investers of the said Co. are R Murdoch, Dick Chaney & Rothschilds.
      Also I have recently heard that Oil HAS been found ?
    • avatar
      Zuesse is recycling Pepe Escobar without giving him credit. Pipelineistan is what it's been about as detailed in Pepe's book of the same name. As jas notes, the plan is kaput. Now the dangerous job of corralling the Outlaw Empire and bringing it to justice is beginning thanks to Russia's leadership and determination to re-establish a law-based world.
    • in reply toEarnie(Show commentHide comment)
      yeah, you keep telling that to yourself like the deluded terrorist supporting POS that you are.
    • Those Zio terrorist scum really do want to be wiped off the map. The way they're going, their wish might just come true.
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      This is a well known fact if one looks at the geographical map of the middle East. But here comes Russia protecting their economy for the foreseeable future.
      Once that pipeline goes through Turkey on to EU then Russia is doomed. Putin has read this all along.
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      You would be surprised at the total ignorance that the American people operate under day to day. They are total idiots and these corrupt politicians manipulate them like puppets, the American media has been turned into a government propaganda machine, most of the nation is jack up on prescription or they are dope smokers. The nation is in moral decline and no one realizes it because they have there heads up there rectums which is almost like designed. You can bet that parasite George Soros had a big hand in this.
    • dream on ,US/it wont happen
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      Tactical Investor
      I think they headline meant to say planned, because the Plan is in the toilet now that Russia is in the area.
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