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    Ground crew prepare fighter jets for combat sorties at Hemeimeem airbase, Syria, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015

    Russian Campaign in Syria 'Puts Washington and NATO Into Checkmate'

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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    The times when Washington and NATO could "run roughshod over the world" are over thanks to Russia's counterterrorism efforts in Syria, American journalist Mark Glenn told Press TV, calling this Moscow's "checkmate."

    In Glen's opinion, the Russian-led aerial campaign aimed at assisting Damascus is a taste of what's to come.

    Moscow appears to be saying that "the Russians are to stay militarily [in the Middle East]. Once they have finished with Western-created terrorists in Syria, they are going to move to Iraq, Egypt and Palestine. They are gradually going to militarily and politically push the United States and the West out of the region for good in the interests of global stability," he asserted.

    Those, who in Glenn's view support terrorists, will not abandon this policy, but rather change tactics:

    "The game is over. As far as trying to sell the notion to the world that the United States did not create these groups, did not nurture them, did not give them their weapons, their training and their logistics, the game is up in that regard and now the US will have to go to Plan B."

    Washington, the journalist believes, will be primarily focused on trying to counter Russia's growing political and military influence in the region, which has been marred in violence in no small part due to the US military engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq. These campaigns are largely blamed for the rise of ISIL and growing radicalism across the Middle East.

    The implications of this process could potentially be grave for humanity since the US, Glenn warned, is "very good at playing dirty tricks."

    "This is the point when it becomes very dangerous and dicey for the whole world. As much as we are all cheering on the actions of the Russians these days, the fact of the matter is that we have just opened a very dark and dangerous chapter in human history," he noted.

    Russian air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria
    © Sputnik/
    Russian air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria
    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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      West SHOULD be VERY careful. Russia could do same back. Except the terrorists hiring which makes west and NATO famous.

      THIS is the PRIMARY reason , I believe Russia should create at cities different organizations composed of EEU, CIS, SCO, BRICS, Syria, Iran, Cuba, Argentina, Mercosur..and other friends..
      Each city will be a different research.. One be financial..NOT to be confused with a financial district.. Unless they see it practical..
      The idea is to study the finance laws of each country and create a TPP like..Where all benefit and pinpoint which make the system stronger or weak.. It MUST have university accredited at ALL the countries involved!!
      Marketing , trade should be together BUT separate.

      Another for sports. Another for engineer.. BUT only civilian engineering. this will lead to great laws..Even better civilian models. Or maybe they decide only financial. New investment rules will emerge. This decisions could be placed at parliaments etc, to seek approval. They wouldn't become laws.. Just proposals.
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      Now when and if all of this killing and Godless acts have ceased there will be a whole country called Syria to restructure and rebuild. The place is desolate. Therefore all the Syrian migrants etc that are flooding the western countries should return home to work and rebuild their country. To be financed and paid for by the west and rich states of aggression toward Syria. In recompense to the people of Syria and the Government of Syria. One step at a time please. Do not run. Do not overburden or complicate things whilst one is growing. Share and share alike. This is the root of wisdom. Nurture and everything that is done should be done in kindness to one another with no self intent.

      Read more: sputniknews.com/politics/20151025/1029072675/us-russia-syria-jordan-saudi-arabia-isis.html#ixzz3pZuh
    • Mr. Blair M. Phillips
      Why do Russian politicians talk as if they own the world? or the are a Imperial Power? Why? Does Cuba politicians talk like that? You don't hear Raul talk like that? No Did you ever hear Fidel talk like that? No Get off your high horse and watch and learn how Cuba and her people talk about achievements. They're goals are peace, co-operation and mutual respect.
    • avatar
      Simple answer is because usa does not own the earth as much as it would like to control all. The earth belongs to all the inhabitants including all life, NOT just troublesome humans. This is why we should share and prosper in and with like for all. No more disagreements please. Has anyone heard the saying hold your tongue. Well it is not done enough. Dont you think? God bless. Peace.
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      Mr. Blair M. Phillips,
    • Neochrome
      The West likes to fancy them selves as "spreading freedom and democracy" but all they leave in their wake is death, destruction and terrorism.
      "The times when Washington and NATO could "run roughshod over the world" are over thanks to Russia's counterterrorism efforts in Syria"
      At least there are people there that can see what is really going on, through the veil of lies and smears...
    • avatar
      Most dangerous phase of human history? Yes, as the Outlaw Empire's quest for Full Spectrum Dominance as outlined in its Vision 2020 "defense" doctrine is derailed by Russia and China and their allies, which constitute over 3/4s of global population. Even Canada's now lost since Canadians had the good sense to toss Harper out! Will the Outlaw Empire counter-attack; when and where? It still has Afghanistan and its wedge between India and Pakistan. The Zionists are also in check; Putin was probably very frank about consequences when talking with the Zionist command when they visited Moscow recently.

      The battle to defeat the Outlaw Empire had to begin, and with all such projects there's a degree of danger. But it's the right thing to do! Lots of countries to be freed from their chains so we can get on with the harder task of mitigating climate change before it becomes an unsolvable runaway disaster.
    • Mikhas
      Except for Panama and Grenada which doesn´t count, the US, that has been at war 222 out of it´s 239 years of existence, has not won a single one since 1944 (forget the D-Day and Hollywood, Russia was in Berlin and could have won WW2 by themselves and they did but at a tremendous cost, US was there only to prevent Soviet from taking out Franco and the other fascists as well). What the US has done in the M.E is totally according to the "Yinon plan" and "clean Break" in the interest of AIPAC and the Zionazi squatters in occupied Palestine. I.e splitting up countries along sectarian lines and to create chaos, war and instability so that the Frankenstein monster known as "israel" which would´nt survive a day without US life support, can be the "villa in the jungle" the inbreed khazars squatting it, boast about.
    • Terra
      Looking at the map i see light blue for free syrian army but when i look at the Syrian map i don't see any light blue color except for that little spot right next to israhell?!
      That is funny to see.lol
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