20:48 GMT01 October 2020
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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    Russia has found itself in a situation when it is trying to win a war against terrorist groups wreaking havoc in Syria and elsewhere after the United States and its allies failed to tackle radical Islamists despite years of promises, weekly Italian news magazine Panorama asserted.

    The success of this nascent air campaign has helped Moscow to wield increasing influence in Damascus and beyond.

    "Russia has essentially displayed its flag in the Middle East, pushing the United States and its allies out of the region," the media outlet noted, adding that Moscow achieved this without scheming or double talk.


    Do you think the US airstrike that killed 22 at an Afghan hospital is a war crime?
    • Yes, it was a grave violation of International Humanitarian Law
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    • No, such accidents are inevitable in the course of military operations
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    By becoming engaged in the fight against the Islamic State and the like, Russia has also demonstrated its military superiority, Panorama pointed out.

    This has become more evident following a 30-minute US raid on a hospital in the Afghani city of Kunduz run by the Doctors Without Borders aid organization. The bombing, condemned worldwide as a gross violation of international humanitarian law, left more than 20 people dead and more than 30 people wounded.

    The magazine also maintains that when Russia fired cruise missiles from its naval ships in the Caspian Sea against ISIL targets it showed that Moscow controls the skies over Syria at the moment.

    "Putin wants to scare his enemy, destroy it psychologically and then physically. Thanks to long-range missiles, the new master of Syrian skies has made it clear that his rockets will reach any enemy target," defense website Difesa Online pointed out, echoing Panorama.

    Russia, according to Difesa Online, has always used this tactics: employing fear to disorient the enemy and hitting its soft underbelly.

    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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