00:17 GMT15 June 2021
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    Forces that contributed to the chaos in Syria should stop criticizing those who are trying to settle the conflict in the country, deputy chairman of the Left Party in the Bundestag Wolfgang Gerke said.

    The United States will never admit its mistakes, but instead will blame other countries struggling to resolve the Syrian crisis. This is unacceptable, the German politician said in an interview with RT.

    According to Gerke, many have forgotten how ISIL actually received arms and money and how it managed to attract so many followers worldwide.

    "The forces that must be held accountable for it should stop criticizing Russia," Gerke said.

    The politician also stressed that Russia and other countries should make sure that ISIL terrorists will not be able to gain additional weapons and that all potential sources of their funding have been blocked.

    Many people in Syria are hoping for a political solution, and therefore it is particularly important that Russia works in two directions: military and diplomatic, Gerke said.

    The politician also expressed hope that Russia would stop violence in the region, adding that Syrian people will choose their president — whether it be Assad or anyone else – by themselves when the crisis comes to an end.


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