18:34 GMT23 June 2021
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    Washington's influence is Europe is shrinking: some EU state members are expressing their skepticism about the US' TTIP proposal and as well as Obama's adventurism in Syria, US author Eric Zuesse underscores.

    Europe is engulfed by the current refugee crisis caused by decades of Washington's adventurism in the Middle East and is becoming more and more suspicious of its longstanding Atlantic partner; on the other hand, the Obama administration's TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) treaty is only adding fuel to the fire.

    "The European publics oppose America's bombings, which have poured these refugees from American bombing, into Europe. European leaders are starting to separate from alliance with the United States," US author and investigative historian Eric Zuesse notes in his article for Global Research.

    The American author cited Ayad Jamal Al-Din, a member of the Iraqi parliament, who put it clear:

    "The pressure on the Syrian regime, which is fighting ISIS [ISIL], must be lifted. They should not try to strengthen the feeble Free Syrian Army [FSA]. There is no FSA. There is ISIS in Syria and Iraq. You cannot fight ISIS in Iraq, yet support it in Syria. There is one war and one enemy. The US should give up its hypocrisy. People are not brainless."

    Zuesse underscored that the truth of the matter is that Washington's ultimate goal in Syria is to replace Russia's longstanding ally Bashar al-Assad, not to defeat the Islamic States.

    Hence, US Senator and well-known Russophobe John McCain is now urging Barack Obama to confront Russians in Syria. McCain has called for establishing a no-fly zone for Russian planes and prohibiting Moscow from bombing US-backed jihadists, "which the US government still euphemistically calls 'the Free Syrian Army'," Zuesse added with a touch of irony.

    Remarkably, McCain is pointing the finger at Russia for bombing CIA-trained FSA warriors, while a few weeks ago the Pentagon announced that it had no idea about the location of CIA-trained "moderate" Syrian rebels, which could defect either to al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front or to Islamic State.

    But "that's hardly the only 'legacy' issue for Obama — his war against Russia, via overthrowing Gaddafi, then Yanukovych, and his still trying to overthrow Assad — which is now forcing the break-up of the Western Alliance, over the resulting refugee-crisis," Zuesse emphasized, referring to Obama's proposed treaty with European states, the TTIP.

    The US author called attention to the fact that the TTIP would grant international corporations rights to sue national governments "in non-appealable global private arbitration panels." Furthermore, the dictates from these panels will stand above any member-nation's legislation.

    "This supra-national mega-corporate effort by Obama is also part of his similar effort in his proposed TPP treaty with Asian nations, both of which are additionally aimed to isolate from international trade not just Russia, but China, so as to leave America's large international corporations controlling virtually the entire world," Zuesse emphasized.

    It has become clear that Washington is planning to transform Europe into its own backyard, imposing its rules and regulations on EU member states and flooding Europe with refugees from тче Middle East and North Africa.

    There is something really fishy about Washington's trade policy and its military plans. And more and more voices are emerging in Europe throwing the US policies into question.


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