15:47 GMT04 August 2020
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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    Foreign assistance, including Russian, Turkish and the US' is essential for combating terrorism in the Middle East, Foreign Minister of the Kurdish canton of Kobani Idris Nessan told Sputnik Kurdistan Wednesday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On Wednesday, the Russian Air Force launched its first airstrikes against the notorious ISIL terrorist group's positions in Syria following the official Damascus' request.

    “We have already said, that it is necessary for foreign forces to fight against ISIL militants. It is highly essential for achieving a positive result and eradicating of the terrorist threat in the region. To do this [to achieve positive results in fight against terrorism] we are ready to accept help from Turkey, Russia and the United States. And we are ready to cooperate with all forces willing to fight terrorism,” Nessan said.

    The US-led coalition has been launching airstrikes against ISIL in Syria and Iraq since 2014. However, it failed to secure an official approval for its actions on the Syrian territory from the country's government.

    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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