20:31 GMT +321 November 2017
    Syrian refugees wait to be escorted to a train after they crossed the Hungarian border from Croatia.

    Refugee Chaos: 'Europe Can Only Blame Itself and US for Migrant Crisis'

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    The EU Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans warned of a potential rise in right-wing extremism across Europe if the migrant crisis is not solved properly.

    The former Dutch foreign affairs minister added that Europe must deport everyone who doesn’t have the right to asylum to ensure better protection of its borders to deal with the influx of migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

    Timmermans made the statements a day after a meeting of the EU ministers in Brussels.

    Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskin spoke in an exclusive interview to Sputnik regarding the migrant crisis and who is to blame for it.

    “Europe can blame only Europe and the United States for the crisis as such because they were quite peaceful places in the Middle East such as Libya, even Iraq and Syria that turned into a really boiling blood bath,” Eskin told Sputnik.

    He went on to say that the chaos erupted when the US tried to interfere by supporting certain opposition groups.

    “There is also the big question of the Arab partners to the West. There is the oil rich Saudi Arabia and Emirates who have a lot of money and power. They also have a lot of territory but they are not even thinking about taking in any refugees.”

    He went on to say that Syrians may feel more comfortable being in countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar because they are all Arab countries, they speak the same language, and have the same religion and culture. But despite all of that the immigrants are making a long dangerous journey to Europe.

    “I am sorry to see that there is no Arab solidarity right when they have to help their own brothers.”

    Regarding refugees crossing into Europe, Eskin said, “Israel extended medical treatment to over 1,500 wounded Syrian refugees and now the question arises why Europe is not trying to change their policies in the Middle East. Europe is not trying to re-build houses in Syria; it is not trying to reconstruct anything that has been destroyed in Libya so people are fleeing.”

    Eskin said that in order to change their situation, Europe needs to change its policies in the Middle East.

    In reference to a comment on Europe’s future, the publicist said that there is a reason for Europe to be concerned. “It is clear why Timmermans is concerned. It is because the neo-Nazi parties will try to take advantage of the conflicts. We are going to see an increase in the far right wing’s rhetoric against the immigrants. There would be conflicts between them as only parts of them are absorbed but the rest will go and live in suburbs of big European cities.”


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