03:33 GMT01 December 2020
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    The Western media continues to spread the Big Lie regarding Russia's imaginary military buildup in Syria, reminiscent of the fabricated accusations of 'Russian aggression' in Ukraine, US author Stephen Lendman notes.

    The Kremlin has made every effort to solve the Ukrainian and the Syrian crises diplomatically, US author and syndicated columnist Stephen Lendman underscores, adding that Washington and its subservient media sources have no scruples about "substituting managed news misinformation and Big Lies for hard truths."

    "Russia is Europe's leading force for peace, stability, nation-state sovereign independence, the inviolability of international law, and against countries interfering in the internal affairs of others. Putin, Sergei Lavrov and other Russian officials have gone all-out to resolve conflicts in Ukraine and Syria diplomatically — the only effective solution. Anti-Russian propaganda claiming otherwise stems from Washington's longtime regime change objective — Western media in lockstep with its destructive imperial agenda," Lendman emphasized in his article for Global Research.

    In contrast with the Obama administration that "wants endless wars for unchallenged world dominance," Russian leadership has repeatedly called for a diplomatic solution to the ongoing crises in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, instigated by the West.

    "Not a shred of evidence indicates Russian combat forces in Syria or the intention to deploy them," Lendman pointed out in response to Western media allegations of Russia's military buildup in Syria.

    Furthermore, the US' so-called anti-ISIL 'coalition' is in fact an alliance of "rogue states" involved in "naked aggression against a nation threatening no others," Lendman stressed.

    The US author elaborated that in contrast with the United States, which has deployed more than a thousand regional military bases worldwide, Russia has got a limited number of footholds (largely within its own borders) including a small Soviet era Tartus, Syria's naval supply and maintenance facility established under a 1971 agreement.

    So who is actually beefing up its military presence worldwide?

    While the White House has repeatedly attacked Bashar al-Assad demanding that he "must go," the Obama administration still ignores the fact that the Syrian democratically-elected president is supported by a majority of the country's population.

    Despite the aggressive actions of Western-backed insurgents, Syrian President al-Assad continues to protect his nation from the "US enlisted Islamic State" and largely non-Syrian extremists recruited abroad, Lendman pointed out.

    "[Russian President] Putin 'insist(s)' Syrians alone may decide who'll lead them, no one else, as international law stipulates, what Washington consistently violates, what [Western media] editors ignore — disgracefully supporting US officials saying 'Assad must go'," the US author emphasized.

    "Only if Syrians say so, never outsiders for any reason — especially to create another US-controlled regional puppet state assured of endless violence, chaos and human misery like all nations Washington attacks," the US author concluded.


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