23:27 GMT02 July 2020
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    Back in 2003, then Iraqi President Saddam Hussein warned Washington that an American invasion would "open the gates of Hell," US journalist Eric Margolis emphasizes, posing a question: "How to stop today's flood of political refugees?"

    The growing influx of desperate refugees flooding into Europe is the logical result of a series of American invasions of the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan, prominent US journalist and author Eric Margolis stressed.

    Remarkably, both French President Jacques Chirac and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein warned Washington that its irresponsible warmongering in the region would eventually "open the gates of Hell" and inflict "untold dangers on Europe."

    "The French leaders and Saddam were absolutely right as confirmed by the waves of desperate Mideast refugees flooding into Europe and the rampaging wildmen of Islamic State," Margolis underscored in his article for LewRockwell.com.

    The author called attention to the fact that the Bush administration planned to invade Syria in 2006, encouraged by its Middle Eastern allies, most notably, Israel. However, the White House deferred the invasion since it could not find an alternative for the Syrian regime of Assad.

    Meanwhile, the Saudis started to fund "a ragbag of bloodthirsty jihadist fanatics under a dozen different names" including the notorious Islamic State.

    These jihadi thugs were trained and armed the US, Britain, and France in Lebanon and Jordan and then used in a war against Damascus, a former US ally, according to the author.

    Eventually, "[o]ver 9.5 million of Syria's 22.8 million people have become refugees: 6.5 million internally displaced and homeless; three million have fled to Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan," Margolis stressed.

    These asylum seekers are now flooding Europe, with the majority heading for "the Promised Land of Germany."

    Instead of listening to the Western hypocritical moralizing over the ongoing refugee crisis, one should remember the warnings of Chirac and Hussein.

    But how to mend the situation? How to halt today's flow of refugees?

    "Halt the western-led war against Syria. Today. Cease arming and funding the anti-Assad jihadis.  The United States, France, Britain and the Saudis can quickly end the Syrian bloodbath by cutting off arms and money," Eric Margolis emphasized.

    The question remains open whether the White House will follow this helpful advice.


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