12:02 GMT +327 February 2017
    Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with China's President Xi Jinping

    Crippling US Foreign Policy Draws Russia, China Closer Together

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    Washington’s policy in the South China Sea, Ukraine and Syria has been a “failure,” pushing Moscow and Beijing closer together to counter a unipolar world, said Daniel Patrick Welch, an activist and outspoken critic of US foreign policy, Press TV reported.

    “Russia and China are seen as a threat and their combination, their continuing alliance is a huge threat to the US Empire,” said Patrick Welch.

    Welch called the US foreign policy goals in Eurasia “disastrous and murderous,” bringing Russia and China closer together and threatening American hegemony.

    The US embarrassing cyber-attacks in recent months and the revelations of Edward Snowden disclosing that Washington spied on countries including on allies, further damaged the US image around the world.

    “This is an amazing failure of US foreign policy which is doing the opposite of what it’s trying to do,” Welch said.

    Several American officials said on Monday that the United States is considering sanctions against both Russian and Chinese individuals and companies for supposed cyber-attacks against US trade secrets.


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    • bugei009
      Good move for Russia & China. Move the UN out of US control or disband the UN for the corruption, climate fraud, geoengineering fraud & crimes against humanity & fraud by the Vatican as well while your at it.
    • avatar
      Russia is just getting used by China because they have no other friends of significance in the world. China and Russia vs. the US and NATO. Let me see, superior equipment, training..and actual combat experience..and with the US by far still the worlds largest economy..keep dreaming Russia and China..
    • avatar
      Also..I find it odd and utterly ridiculous that this site always bashes the west, but Russia has no real freedom of speech, surpresses of the (free)media unless its speaking their carefully constructed narrative and looks like a 3rd world nation..with nukes. That's the only thing that even keep you relevant at all. The world doesn't seem to be missing Russia at all. Btw..just an FYI..whenever something happens in the world..a crisis, disaster, etc..it's the US everyone looks to for help..not China or Russia because you lack capability and capacity. That's why you will never be seen as an equal to America..among a laundry list of other things. You can always dream though..!lol
    • avatar
      All are badly mistaken. The best role for Mr. Putin is not friendship with China but the role of James Bond 007 where the producers are looking for a viable candidate. Honestly, with Putin's looks, credibility, wizardry, and controversies, he is the next Bond 007.
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