20:31 GMT17 January 2021
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    Westminster's decision to provide additional funding to the Trident nuclear submarines base at Faslane shows disregard to wishes of local citizens opposing the base's very existence, a spokesperson for the Scottish Socialist Party told Sputnik on Monday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik), Alexander Mosesov — Earlier in the day, UK Chancellor George Osborne stated that 500 million pounds ($770 million) were allocated to fund the Royal Navy’s flagship submarine base at Faslane. The money will be used for infrastructure projects expected to be launched in 2017 and completed over the next decade.

    "Today has demonstrated how out of touch the Westminster government is with the majority of the people of Scotland who oppose nuclear weapons and the presence of Trident on the Clyde," Sandra Webster said.

    Webster added that 500 million pounds could have been spent on ending austerity measures.

    "It is a monstrous sum of money available to produce weapons which if ever used will mean the death of us all while people with disabilities are seeing their benefits cut, children go hungry, and essential services are slashed," she said.

    The Royal Navy currently operates four Trident submarines out of the Faslane base, the country's only facility capable of accommodating the nuclear deterrent.

    The upgrading of the aging Trident system was a hot-button issue in the run-up to the May 7 UK general elections, in which the Conservative Party, who pledged to renew the program, swept to victory.

    The potential cost of renewing the Trident nuclear deterrent infrastructure is estimated to be about 100 billion pounds ($153 billion).

    "During the election we were love bombed by the Conservative Party in the Better Together campaign. They begged us to stay. Today's action demonstrates their true feelings for Scotland. The NO vote was a shallow victory — and actions like this may just be the kindling a second independence referendum campaign needs," Sandra Webster said.

    According to Webster, Scotland's referendum campaign had a strong legacy with many citizens who previously were not active in politics found their voice.

    "Scotland has changed," she concluded.


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