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    Europe Should Cooperate With Russia, China to Counter US Hegemony

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    European nations should set a course for rapprochement with Russia and China, former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin wrote in his article for Le Huffington Post.

    The more the West ostracizes Russia and slaps it with sanctions, the more Moscow turns to the East, Raffarin says.

    The failed attempts by world leaders to stabilize economic growth, and West’s inability to reform international institutions (the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund etc.) is also laying ground for Russian and Chinese cooperation, he adds.

    According to Raffarin, Moscow and Beijing have a number of mutual interests, including energy, investment and security issues, and particularly the need to counter the US strategy to rule the world and apply pressure upon Europe.

    "In fact, various global problems and, first of all, fight with terrorism should unite world powers. It is evident that the Western criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s policy cannot create a basis to ameliorate the relations," the politician underscores.

    All of the above means a great responsibility for Europe, Raffarin points out.

    "Today, the principal strategic argument is that China and Russia needs a strong 'European' Europe. Beijing’s financial policy proved that it doesn’t seek for the collapse of the Eurozone. Russia, in its turn, is against the 'americanized' Europe," Raffarin says adding that France should take control over the situation in order not to lose its strategic allies in the coming years.

    According to Raffarin, the Europe-Russia-China triangle could be a triangle of prosperity since each participant has its own human and natural resources, financial capabilities as well as the need for an increase in employment, income and stability.

    Currently, the issue of the Russia-China rapprochement is firmly connected with independent European policy and European self-identity, Raffarin concludes.


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