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    Latin American Nations Blame US for Sabotaging Regional Stability

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    US attempts to destabilize Latin American countries in order to establish "client states" in the region, US journalist Stephen Lendman wrote.

    "Washington’s dirty hands are involved in all Latin American violent and destabilizing activities – part of US policy aiming to establish client states throughout the region," Stephen Lendman claimed.

    Lendman cited violence that had erupted in Ecuadorian city of Quito last week as an example. The attack by opposition forces left dozens of police and several journalists injured. Such violence is coordinated US attempt to topple Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa’s government, Stephen Lendman believes.

    "I’ve never seen them so violent, so aggressive," Correa commented on the attack. "Those who used violence will be punished with the full vigor of the law."

    Ecuador's opposition forces "want to show their political strength through violence, not through popular support, not through organization, not through legitimate forms of social protest. Social protest is profoundly democratic. But what is going on here is what actions they are taking and what interests are at play," Lendman cited political analyst Isabel Ramos as saying.

    Meanwhile, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed solidarity with the Ecuador's president and Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff; Brazil has also been shaken by what analyst Joao Feres calls "right-wing media orchestrated protests."

    Maduro said that Brazil’s far-right "has not stopped conspiring against Dilma [Rousseff]." Rousseff’s supporters also call these protests a coup plot mentioning that it is possible that Washington is involved.

    US  Army
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    Venezuelan President condemned "US imperialism oligarchies" and blamed them for "sabotaging" left and center-left governments in Latin American region.

    He praised his Ecuadorian counterpart as an "undefeated leader" who won in three presidential election. He criticized indigenous leaders "bought by NGOs" who, according to him, try and destabilize Correa’s government and only pretend to be Ecuadorians.


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