08:06 GMT25 September 2020
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    Incredible as it may sound, there is a close connection between war in the military theatre and "economic warfare," Professor Michel Chossudovsky notes, adding that US-NATO military campaigns are coordinated with American powerful financial institutions.

    Canadian economist and researcher Professor Michel Chossudovsky said that an act of war is "invariably" an economic undertaking in compliance with dominant corporate interests.

    "US led wars in the Middle East under the humanitarian mantle of the 'global war on terrorism' largely serve the interests of Wall Street, the Anglo-American oil conglomerates, the so-called 'defense contractors,' the biotech conglomerates (Monsanto et al), Big Pharma and the corporate media," Professor Chossudovsky highlighted.

    The economist explained that modern warfare is not just limited to the sphere of military campaigns and intelligence operations.

    The United States not only imposes economic sanctions on states that refuse to bow down before Washington, but instigate "the outright destabilization" of national economies.

    "While the Pentagon and NATO coordinate military operations against sovereign countries, Wall Street carries out concurrent destabilizing actions on financial markets including the rigging of the oil, gold and foreign exchange markets directed against Russia and China," the professor pointed out, adding that the so-called "financial warfare" is usually implemented alongside actions of the US-NATO military machine.

    Referring to Obama's anti-Beijing "pivot to Asia," the professor explained that Washington is simultaneously beefing up its military presence in the South China Sea and carrying out destabilizing actions on the Shanghai stock exchange in order to undermine China's national economy.   

    "Acts of financial warfare require intelligence; they often require consultation and coordination at the highest levels of government. While the decision making process between the military-intelligence apparatus and the corporate financial system is by no means integrated, it nonetheless overlaps through a system of cross appointments and consultations," Professor Chossudovsky elaborated.

    The economist stressed that there is enough evidence to confirm the fact that the Wall Street mega-banks and their affiliate hedge funds have an important influence on the US government including the State Department, the White House and the Pentagon.

    There is an intricate system of "cross-appointments" accompanied by corporate lobbying. For instance, national security advisors and former Pentagon officials could be appointed to the World Bank, while former government top officials could assume consulting positions with influential financial institutions. At the same time, Wall Street bankers gain key positions in the US government.

    As an illustration of this, Professor Chossudovsky pointed out that NATO's former Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has been recently appointed as a financial consultant in Goldman Sachs.

    Remarkably, being NATO's top official, Rasmussen "was actively involved in coordinating NATO's humanitarian bombing raids in the Middle East not to mention NATO military deployments on Russia's doorstep in Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the Black Sea," the professor said.

    Between 2001 and 2009 Rasmussen served as Prime Minister of Denmark and was largely engaged in dismantling Denmark's welfare state and orchestrated the privatization of state assets.

    "Rasmussen's consulting advice will be used as part of Goldman's political lobbying in the EU, namely the process of influencing political and strategic decision making," the economist highlighted, adding that Goldman's multibillion dollar investment decision and various speculative actions obviously require "inside information/ political coordination pertaining to geopolitical and military affairs."

    Of course, the example of Rasmussen is just tip of the iceberg — there is a "long list" of prominent officials who are acting as consultants for Goldman Sachs and other powerful financial institutions.

    This efficient scheme is ensuring coordinated and well-orchestrated work of financial magnates and the US government officials. The question remains open whether the US government is acting in the interest of the American nation or just playing into the hands of Wall-Street and transnational decision makers. 


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