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    Smoke rises from the Syrian city of Kobani, following an airstrike by the US led coalition, seen from a hilltop outside Suruc, on the Turkey-Syria border Monday, Nov. 17, 2014.

    Reaping the Whirlwind: European Instability Playing Into US' Hand

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    Washington is pursuing a policy of destabilization in countries on the edge or periphery of Europe, American author Eric Zuesse emphasized, stressing that US foreign policy has dealt a mortal blow to Europe's stability.

    US geopolitical games in the Middle East and Ukraine have resulted in a huge flow of refugees and illegal migrants trying to enter the European Union; the refugee crisis has contributed a lot to social and political tensions within the EU, American author and investigative historian Eric Zuesse elaborated.

    "In Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and other countries at the periphery or edges of Europe, US President Barack Obama has been pursuing a policy of destabilization, and even of bombings and other military assistance, that drives millions of refugees out of those peripheral areas and into Europe, thereby adding fuel to the far-rightwing fires of anti-immigrant rejectionism, and of resultant political destabilization, throughout Europe, not only on its peripheries, but even as far away as in northern Europe," Eric Zuesse pointed out.

    Libya, devastated due to Washington's irresponsible foreign policy, has become a big problem for Europe, the author noted, adding that millions of Libyans are trying to escape the chaos and carnage.

    Syria, which has been engulfed in a protracted civil war since 2011, is likely to meet a bloody end just like Libya, the historian pointed out, referring to the fact that Obama has approved US air support for Turkey's "previously unenforceable no-fly zone over Syria."

    "The US will now shoot down all of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's planes that are targeting the extremist-Muslim groups, including ISIS [ISIL], that have taken over huge swaths of Syrian territory," Zuesse noted.

    The author cited US writer and activist Shamus Cooke, who highlighted that although this no-fly zone has been labeled an 'anti-ISIS (ISIL)' safe-zone, its "proper name is: 'Anti Kurdish and anti-Syrian government' safe zone."

    "This is exactly how events developed in Libya, when the US-NATO led a 'no-fly zone' that was supposedly created to allow a ‘humanitarian corridor,' but quickly snowballed into its real goal: regime change and assassination of Libya's president. This epic war crime is still celebrated by Obama and Hillary Clinton as a ‘victory,' while Libyans drown in the Mediterranean to escape their once-modern but now obliterated country," Cooke underscored.

    By targeting Syria, Washington hopes to kill two birds with one stone: Syria, while under the secular rule of Bashar al-Assad, had been especially important to Russia as a potential transit-route for Russia's gas supplies. If this logistic hub is exploited by Qatar to pump natural gas into Europe, it will seriously undermine Russia's position as Europe's major energy supplier.

    Both Turkey and the so-called "relatively moderate" Syrian insurgents, including the Al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front, view defeating Bashar al-Assad as their first priority.

    "US bombers will be enforcing a no-fly-zone over parts of Syria in order to bring down Russia's ally Bashar al-Assad and replace his secular government by an Islamic government — and the 'anti-ISIS' thing is just for show; it's PR, propaganda," Zuesse stressed.

    In a similar way, the Obama administration toppled neutral Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich in February 2014, under the false cover of pro-European democratic demonstrations.

    "Obama's top goal in international relations, and throughout his military policies, has been to defeat Russia, to force a regime-change there that will make Russia part of the American empire, no longer the major nation that resists control from Washington," Zuesse pointed out.

    And again, while Washington is plotting against Russia, it is Europe who reaps the whirlwind. The economic sanctions against Russia have hit the EU hard, but Washington's neoconservative hawks don't really care. Furthermore, it is "good" for them, the author underscored.

    "By weakening European nations, and not only nations in the Middle East, Obama's war against Russia is yet further establishing America to be ‘the last man standing' at the end of the chaos and destruction that America causes," Eric Zuesse emphasized.

    "There are two ways to win, at any game: One is by improving one's own performance. The other is by weakening the performances of all of one's competitors. The United States is now relying almost entirely upon the latter type of strategy," the author noted.


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