15:15 GMT30 July 2021
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    Sevim Dagdelen German Minister from the Left Party shared his views on the situation in Crimea saying that he advocates for ensuring that politicians should always be ready for international dialogue.

    “It would be very interesting to know how the socio-economic situation is developing in Crimea right now against the background of meaningless sanctions that affect the population and the peninsula.”

    Dagdaelen also said that the residents of Crimea have difficulties with traveling abroad because Europe does not recognize their Russian citizenship. It turns out that in order to obtain a visa one needs to apply to the consulate located not in Moscow but in Kiev, which also creates a lot of obstacles for people.

    “People in Crimea have enough problems right now and I think that the really responsible policy of the EU must be to recognize these challenges and help local people with their decisions.”

    But currently what is seen is the “European Union’s policy further fueling the civil war.”

    He goes on to say that dialogue is particularly important considering the actions of the Nazis in Ukraine, who with the financial support of the oligarchs put pressure on President Poroshenko.

    “What is happening is causing me serious concern. We can say that in Ukraine there is a war of the oligarchs with the EU authorities pointlessly spending tax money of the citizens in the amount of 1.8 billion euros.”

    He further explained that it has already been decided to send the first tranche of 600 million. Thus, in this way the EU supports the military party who with the help of Nazis is fighting against their own citizens in the east of Ukraine.

    “NATO military exercises look defensive and not as an offensive unit whose actions are directed against Russia. In this context I find the initiative of the French parliamentarians correct because they are making it clear that they are ready for dialogue.”


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