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    Satirized painting of the Statue of Liberty painted on the wall of the former U.S. Embassy, in Tehran, Iran

    Beam in Own Eye: West 'Secured Monopoly' on Right to Lecture Others

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    Although the United States is the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons in wartime and nothing can erase this fact from the annals of history, the memory is fading fast thus making it possible for Washington to lecture other nations on what is ethical, Spanish website Rebelion.org noted, referring to the Iranian deal.

    A group of international mediators has reached an agreement which ensures that Iran will not create a nuclear weapon in exchange for sanctions relief.

    "International economic sanctions were used as a classical instrument of pressure [to make this happen]. This is what hypocrisy of the US and the EU looks like," the media outlet said.

    The website claims that the deal struck with Iran once again reflects the rule of might makes right, which the West uses to advanced diplomatic and military interests.

    "Why doesn't the United States abandon its nuclear arsenal?" Rebelion asks, calling on the other four members of the so-called nuclear club to do the same. "This would truly be a historic event giving meaning to morality and democracy," the media outlet added.

    The West has secured a monopoly on the right to lecture others on what is right and wrong, the website lamented. Western countries have taken up the role of judge in all conflicts, it added, saying that no one is willing to protest and expose this "flagrant injustice."

    "The United States has never exported democracy: only capitalist ideology to secure its own interests and wars to subdue insubordinate countries, which stand in the way of Washington's global dominance. This is the true state of affairs but global media serving neoliberal globalization led by Western multinationals does not cover this," the media outlet said.

    Rebelion doubts that the Iranian deal will lead to global peace, which requires all nuclear weapons to be destroyed.

    "Until then everything will remain the same, including the rule of the strong arm, inverted moral and terrible recklessness emanating primarily from Washington," the media outlet concluded.

    On Tuesday, following marathon talks, Tehran and the P5+1 group of international negotiators, comprising the United States, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, announced that they reached a final comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program.

    Commenting on the agreement, US President Barack Obama said that the deal is built on verification and not trust.

    On Wednesday, Obama phoned Russian President Vladimir Putin to thank him for Russia’s important role in achieving the milestone agreement.

    Both sides stressed that the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program is in the interest of the entire international community, helps strengthen the nonproliferation regime and decrease tensions in the Middle East.


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