15:42 GMT17 January 2021
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    The new bailout agreement is a total humiliation of the entire Greek nation and full scale colonization, according to a professor at a Greek university.

    The agreement between Greece and its creditors completely ignores the results of the Greek national referendum held on July 5. The new deal will make the situation in the country even worse, said Dimitrios Patelis, Professor at the Technical University of Crete.

    The Greek public shouted a resounding "No" to austerity measures on July 5 in a nationwide referendum on international creditors' proposals.

    One of the harsh conditions that Greece had to accept this weekend to receive its next bailout package from a group of international creditors to save its crumbling economy was to agree to hand over €50 billion worth of its public assets to an external fund.
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    However, over the past weekend Greek leaders were forced to sign the new bailout agreement with their creditors. The cash-strapped Mediterranean nation will now receive a €95-billion bailout over the next three years in exchange for harsh economic reforms and further austerity measures.

    "It's even worse than it was under the previous government. I can tell you for sure it actually might lead to a coup… It's the continuation of the same policy [austerity measures against which the Greek public voted on July 5]," Professor Patelis said.

    The new bailout plan indeed comes with very harsh conditions. One of them is that €50-billion worth of Greek public assets must be given under the control of a German bank-owned external fund. Essentially, this means Greece must hand over its public assets to the foreign bank to be privatized over time.

    Greek media is now restlessly trying to figure out what kind of public assets the country will have to sell to pay off only a part of its debt. The Germans are talking about literally everything, including Greek islands and archeological sites, Patelis said.

    "It's a full colonization," the professor said, adding that the agreement was the unconditional surrender of the Greek government to foreign powers.

    The new bailout deal has terms that were not even included in previous agreements. Now the creditors demand that Greece cancel laws that were adopted by the governing Syriza party.

    "They behave like Roman emperors, who after conquering enemy tribes and peoples, dragged their chieftains in chains into the Colosseum, so the audience enjoyed their humiliation. This is the complete humiliation of the Greek nation," Patelis said.

    Now the only thing Greece could do is to proudly get out of the EU and Eurozone, as the current European system is a financial prison of the peoples, the expert said. The system cannot be fixed, improved or otherwise restructured, it can only be broken by the free will of European peoples.

    If the Greek government shows its will and pride, as they promised to do when they were elected, there is a chance that Western elites might try to stage a coup, using the Ukrainian scenario.

    "Nuland [the Assistant Secretary of State of the US Department of State] was in Athens in March — why? They have the know-how, they have the technology [of staging coups around the world]. For now, they're happy as a result of the agreement reached the day before yesterday. But they have other plans up their sleeves. The Kiev option is certainly not an exception," Patelis commented.

    Another negative thing with the current situation is a potential rise of the ultra-right wing Golden Dawn party. This could easily lead to fascists taking over the Greek government. That would be really scary, Patelis said.

    Indeed, we all know from history books what could happen when a nation takes a sharp turn to the right.


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