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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    Now Merkel Knows That 'Greeks Do Not Bow to Financial Despotism'

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    The majority of Greeks refused to accept the bailout deal offered by international lenders in a historic referendum held on Sunday, ensuring that Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and others learn that Greeks cannot be subdued by "financial despotism," Turkish BirGün newspaper wrote.

    "Greece led by Alexis Tsipras has secured a historic victory. Deep sorrow in the hearts of the Troika, comprising the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission, serves as a prime indication of what this victory means," the left-wing daily noted.

    BirGün claims that European neoliberals, who have long become accustomed to getting what they want out of foreign nations, suffered a major defeat but the ball is in their court at the moment.

    "What comes next? It's their turn to think. The time has come for the German bankers, French moneylenders, European moguls [to think]… Merkel, Hollande, Junker, Tusk… They have finally understood that a proud people cannot be subdued by financial despotism," the newspaper noted.

    Many across Europe praised the results of what has been dubbed the Greferendum.

    "The Greek people fought back for a second time against the catastrophic policies of social cutbacks and economic devastation. They said 'No' to further austerity, 'No' to a false medicine that always worsens the illness," chair of Germany's Left Party Bernd Riexinger said.

    Therefore, the triumph of the "No" vote has become a signal for everyone, who is against austerity policies in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and even France, according to BirGün. But it could also serve as a guideline on how to treat global capital.

    "The 'No' vote is a rebellion of a proud people accused of laziness, theft and slack," the daily asserted.

    The Greeks made a brave choice, according to BirGün. "In the words of Tsipras, they proved that 'democracy cannot be blackmailed.' The Greeks did not buy the lie that 'belt tightening' is the only way out of the crisis," the newspaper noted.


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