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    Donald Trump: US Has 99 Problems, But Greece Ain't One

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    US business mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump told a television interviewer that the US "gets too involved in things," and should stay out of Greece's debt crisis, which will be overcome in Europe one way or another.

    The US should keep out of the US Greek debt crisis and stick to sorting out its own problems, said US presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday morning.

    "Donald, hypothetically speaking, let's say you're the president; you've got this debt crisis going on in Greece, what do you do?" a US interviewer asked Trump.  

    "I wouldn't get too involved, we get too involved with too many other things. I would definitely stay back." 

    "The United States cannot be in every fight," 

    answered the real estate magnate and reality TV star, who launched his candidacy for the US presidency in Manhattan's Trump Tower on June 16 with the slogan "Make America Great Again!"

    "Don't forget, the whole euro situation was created to compete against the United States. They put together a group of countries to beat the United States," Trump told the interviewer. "They were going to do better trades because of the power."  

    Trump expressed his belief that the powerhouse of the Eurozone economy should come to Greece's aid:

    "Now Germany is very powerful, very strong, I'd let Germany handle it."

    "We have enough problems," said Trump. "Germany will take care of it. This is peanuts for Germany." 

    "Frankly, Putin probably comes in to save the day if Germany doesn't."

    "So I think Greece is going to be in better shape than people think." 


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