23:36 GMT08 July 2020
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    Financial crisis in Greece (191)
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    Greece is still awaiting proposals from its international creditors that could lead to a sustainable solution to its debt crisis, a Greek government source said Tuesday.

    ATHENS (Sputnik) — Athens risks defaulting on its debt to the International Monetary Fund, due on Tuesday, as it continues to grapple with its lenders' cash-for-reforms proposal to unlock the next bailout package. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called a snap-referendum for the coming Sunday after the latest round of negotiations collapsed over the weekend.

    "When we receive a credible offer that will not leave doubts about achieving a viable solution, we will be the first to take it," the source told reporters.

    He underscored that all the draft proposals submitted by the creditors so far have been variations of an offer put forward earlier this month.


    The Greek bailout referendum is set for July 5. What do you think the outcome will be?
    • The Greeks will vote 'No', and an immediate Grexit will follow
      53.2% (1057)
    • The Greeks will vote 'Yes', and the austerity policy will remain
      12.1% (240)
    • The Troika will finally agree to work out a reasonable compromise and Greece won't have to leave the EU
      34.7% (689)
    Voted: 1986

    "If it does not lead to sustainable debt, it is not worth mentioning. We want a viable solution."

    Tsipras said earlier he rejected the creditors' latest ultimatum, which included additional austerity measures, and declared Sunday's referendum to let voters decide whether or not to accept the creditors' offer. Tsipras has put his weight behind a 'No' vote, while the European leaders are urging the Greek public to vote 'Yes.'

    The Greek leadership is continuing negotiations with the lenders to resolve its massive debt problem with the Tuesday night deadline, when the current bailout expires, edging ever closer.

    Financial crisis in Greece (191)


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