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    The Sevastopol amphibious assault ship of the Mistral class at the STX Europe shipyard in Saint-Nazaire.

    Mistrals' Non-Delivery to Russia Demonstrated 'Hypocrisy of France'

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    Russia-France Mistral Deal (124)

    France's failure to deliver two Mistral helicopter carriers has shown the hypocrisy of Paris, French media AgoraVox wrote.

    By refusing to deliver two Mistral ships ordered and prepaid by Russia, "France is both disgraced and discredited internationally as a reliable economic partner and military supplier," AgoraVox wrote.

    "Ridiculous pretext concerning the Ukrainian conflict and the alleged Russian interference was used by a country, which intervenes in the crisis in Syria by arming Al-Nusra Front terrorists and calls for the overthrow of the legitimate leader, says about the degree of the French government's hypocrisy."

    France and Russia signed the $1.5 billion Mistral deal in 2011. Paris agreed to deliver two Mistral-class helicopter-carriers to Russia. However, France suspended the delivery, citing Moscow's alleged interference in the Ukrainian crisis.

    The same French government, AgoraVox noted, inked huge contracts for the supply of arms to the "barbaric regimes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia," which take part in the war in Yemen by conducting airstrikes against Houthi rebels.

    "Instead of rapprochement with Russia — a historical partner, a superpower and a leader in the protection of international law, France and Europe prefer obedience to the United States — a superpower doomed to decline," the newspaper wrote.

    According to the newspaper, while trade between the United States and Russia is increasing, Europe is forced to impose sanctions and suffer from the extended Russian food embargo.

    "The modern world, especially the Western world, is very monopolized. Many countries in the West voluntarily gave up a large part of their sovereignty, including as a result of bloc policies," the French newspaper quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying.

    This statement by the Russian leader is quite appropriate with regard to the situation with Mistral ships, as well as to the NSA surveillance on three French presidents including Francois Hollande, AgoraVox said.

    "Far from protesting against the flagrant violation of French sovereignty that constitutes the espionage on its top leaders, our government is already rushing to bravely smother the scandal."

    "While being a former colonial empire, France is currently relegated to the status of American sub-colony, independence and national interests of which are routinely violated and trampled" by both Paris itself and Washington.

    Russia-France Mistral Deal (124)


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