13:24 GMT21 February 2020
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    US President Barack Obama said that the United States has to make sure that Israel has the capability to protect itself not only from Iran, but also its proxies like Hezbollah.


    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The United States pledges military and intelligence support to Israel amid Jerusalem’s concerns about Iran posing a threat to Israel, US President Barack Obama said in an interview with the National Public Radio on Tuesday.

    “Ultimately, Iran is deterrable, and it is deterrable not just because of Israel's superior military and intelligence capabilities but also because you got a really strong ally in the United States of America,” Obama stated.

    The President noted that the Israeli people are right to remain cautious of Iran, but stressed that the United States has to make sure that Israel has the capability to protect itself not only from Iran, but also its proxies like Hezbollah.

    “The most important thing for Israelis is to know that they can defend themselves, and that they have America — the world's most powerful country — there to protect them alongside their military and their intelligence operations,” Obama said.

    The President also underlined that his administration has been steadfast in the defense of Israel, and has had as much or greater military and intelligence cooperation with Jerusalem than any previous administration.

    Iran and the P5+1 group of countries agreed to a framework for a nuclear agreement in Lausanne, Switzerland on April 2 that aims to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon for at least ten years, according to the US State Department.

    Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been a vocal opponent of the negotiations with Iran, saying it will empower Tehran in the Middle East and will not prevent a nuclear breakout.

    Last week, Netanyahu told US President Barack Obama in a telephone conversation that a deal based on this framework would threaten the survival of Israel.

    On Friday, Netanyahu said Israel’s ministers unanimously opposed the April 2 framework agreement with Iran.


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