04:04 GMT17 May 2021
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    Alan Hart, a former ITN and BBC Panorama correspondent spoke to Sputnik regarding the suggestion made by Republican US Senator, John McCain about the nuclear deal with Iran.

    Alan Hart, a former ITN and BBC Panorama correspondent and now an author covering Middle Eastern issues, spoke to Sputnik regarding the suggestion made by Republican US Senator, John McCain, that Israel should “go rogue” regarding the nearing nuclear deal with Iran.

    “Does he really believe the propaganda nonsense that he speaks?” said Hart regarding McCain’s suggestion.

    “If he does believe that then he is deluded to a point of clinical madness. Clearly he wants war, he wants to bomb Iran.”

    Hart told Sputnik that he finds the whole thing peculiar because it is a farce. American and Western intelligence and their governments know that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons and Iran doesn’t want nuclear weapons.

    He further noted that McCain, being the Head of Senate Armed Services committee, “McCain is backing a foreign state, and obstructs US policy — that is called treason”.

    According to Hart, President Obama should instigate proceedings against McCain for treason, but he added that he knows it won’t happen.

    Regarding Netanyahu, the former correspondent said that it seems that the Israeli president is a total believer of his own propaganda and that he is close to being “certifiably insane and that McCain is out of the same camp,” Hart told Sputnik.

    “I think a deal is about to be breached with Iran, at least a tentative deal.” He added that he doesn’t think the Republicans can any longer guarantee to get a two thirds majority in Congress to override an Obama veto.

    He suspected that there will be a tentative agreement and there will be an extension of a final deadline until the end of June. “I don’t expect the Earth to shake when they announce a tentative agreement but it will signal that there will be a definite agreement.”


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