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    UKIP's Leader Farage Urges UK to Cut Migration Tenfold

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    UKIP accused David Cameron’s Conservative party of not keeping its word since current migration flows are three times higher than promised by Cameron when he became country’s prime minister in 2010.

    LONDON (Sputnik) — Net migration to the United Kingdom should be cut tenfold to 30,000 migrants a year, Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom's Independence party (UKIP), said on Tuesday at a presentation of the party’s election campaign.

    The UK general election is scheduled for May 7, 2015. British citizens will elect representatives to sit in the House of Commons, the country's lower house of parliament, for the next five years.

    “I'm saying a net level of about 30,000 a year is roughly what we had for 50 years from 1950 almost until the turn of the century. It was a level at which this country was comfortable and that integration was possible and it didn't, crucially, compress the wages,” Farage said speaking in St Margaret's Bay, near Dover.

    UKIP’s election campaign poster accused David Cameron’s Conservative party of not keeping its word since current migration flows are three times higher than promised by Cameron when he became country’s prime minister in 2010.

    According to BBC, the two major rivals in the upcoming elections are the Conservative Party, headed by British Prime Minister David Cameron, and the Labour party, led by Ed Miliband, accounting for potential 34 percent of UK votes each. UKIP, demanding a vote on United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union be held this year, polls third with 13 percent of respondents.


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