00:37 GMT28 January 2021
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    The US military convoy marching through Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic, to its base in Germany is a "shocking spectacle in keeping with the US’ imperialistic ambitions," Petr Hájek, editor-in-chief of the Protiproud website, told Sputnik.

    Hájek described the US initiative, nicknamed the Dragoon Ride, as "a show of force … aimed at the Czech society," not at someone on the outside, for instance, like Russia, adding that the United States treats the Czech Republic like a protectorate.

    Czechs will surely stage protests against the convoy, said the former advisor to Václav Klaus, who served as the president of the Czech Republic from 2003 to 2013. But the media, he added, will likely keep silent on any form of discontent.

    The initiative has already sparked public outrage in the country prompting the Czech military to announce that it will protect the US military convoy.

    The Czech government decided to support the initiative, because "it is not a government of a sovereign nation," Hájek said.

    "We, as an independent nation, have largely lost our sovereign rights after joining the European Union and NATO. Our hands are tied," Hájek told Sputnik Czech edition. "The Czech Republic … has become a target of someone's military ambitions. It is losing its freedom," he added.

    The Czech Republic should not take part in the NATO military exercises since drills could lead to the escalation of tensions in the region and provoke a serious military conflict, Hájek said.

    The Protiproud website has started a petition asking Czech authorities to leave NATO, which has become an offensive alliance preparing to launch a war against Russia, Hájek added. Thousands have signed the petition. "Honest people should not accept this," he said.


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