21:07 GMT31 July 2021
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    Syriza Party Wins Greek Snap Parliamentary Elections (49)
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    According to official results from the polling stations, Greece's far-left party Syriza secured 149 out of 300 seats in the snap parliamentary elections.

    MOSCOW, January 26 (Sputnik) — Greece's far-left party Syriza gained 36.34 percent in the snap parliamentary elections after all the votes were counted on Monday.

    The party secured 149 out of 300 seats, official results from the polling stations showed.

    A total of seven parties have passed the 3-percent threshold needed to enter the Greek parliament. Current Prime Minister Antonis Samaras' conservative New Democracy party garnered 27.81 percent, receiving 76 parliamentary seats.

    Meanwhile, Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras has been sworn in as new prime minister in a ceremony attended by Greek President Karolos Papoulias.


    Do you believe SYRIZA can fix Greek economy?
    • Yes, the EU fears Greece will exit the eurozone, so SYRIZA holds the cards.
      56.8% (715)
    • I don't believe in success of this particular party, but their victory marks the revival of Greece.
      20.0% (251)
    • No, their promises to reduce austerity are utopian and will not be accepted by the 'Troika'.
      14.2% (178)
    • No, nothing good has ever come from radicalism.
      9.0% (113)
    Voted: 1257
    Earlier Monday, Syriza has formed a majority government by creating an alliance with the right-wing Independent Greeks party after failing to secure a majority in the parliamentary election held Sunday.

    "I want to say, simply, that from this moment, there is a government," Panos Kammenos, the Independent Greeks leader, was quoted as saying by The Guardian on Monday after a meeting with Syriza.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Syriza leader on his party's victory in the elections Monday, saying that Moscow was ready to cooperate with the new government in Greece.

    The 149 seats gained by the Radical Coalition of the Left fell just two short of an absolute majority. The anti-austerity party is in discussions with other parties that have surpassed the 3-percent election hurdle for a possible coalition.

    In his election campaign, Syriza's Tsipras pledged to put an end to the widely unpopular austerity measures imposed by EU bankers, including severe budget cuts and tax hikes. On speculations about Greece exiting the eurozone, Tsipras made assurances that his party did not intend to take Greece out of the currency bloc.

    Syriza Party Wins Greek Snap Parliamentary Elections (49)


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