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    The leader of Greece's left-wing Syriza party Alexis Tsipras

    Syriza on Course to Govern Greece, Six Percent Lead in Exit Polls

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    Syriza Party Wins Greek Snap Parliamentary Elections (49)
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    Greek left-wing party Syriza gained between 33.5 and 35.5 percent of the ballot in snap parliamentary elections in Greece, according to exit polls data.

    ATHENS, January 25 (Sputnik) – Greek left-wing party Syriza has gained up to 35,5 percent of the vote, running ahead of the incumbent New Democracy party by 6 percent at the national snap election, according to exit polls data obtained by RIA Novosti on Sunday.


    Do you believe SYRIZA can fix Greek economy?
    • Yes, the EU fears Greece will exit the eurozone, so SYRIZA holds the cards.
      56.8% (715)
    • I don't believe in success of this particular party, but their victory marks the revival of Greece.
      20.0% (251)
    • No, their promises to reduce austerity are utopian and will not be accepted by the 'Troika'.
      14.2% (178)
    • No, nothing good has ever come from radicalism.
      9.0% (113)
    Voted: 1257
    Syriza has gathered between 33,5 and 35,5 percent of the ballot, while the center-right New Democracy under the leadership of the current Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has got between 25,5 and 27,6 percent, followed by the far-right Golden Dawn party with 6,4 percent.

    The Center-left To Potami comes fouth in the polls with 6,2 percent, the Communist party KKE has received 5 percent of the vote, and the center-left Pasok has garnered 4,5 percent. The Independent Greeks are the last party to surpass the 3-percent election hurdle, having gained some 4,3 percent of the vote.

    The social democratic party Kinima under the lead of former Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou has collected only 2,9 percent, failing to enter the parliament.

    Greece announced early parliamentary election in December 2014, after the parliament failed to elect a president and was dissolved.

    The Syriza party, which topped pre-election polls, pledges to revoke highly unpopular austerity measures that are part of a bailout plan imposed on the country by international creditors.

    Syriza Party Wins Greek Snap Parliamentary Elections (49)


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