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    • A poster aimed at recruiting girls to the US Army Women's Corps, 1943.
    • Female cadets during drills at the Peter the Great Naval Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    • US Army Brig Gen Giselle Wilz, NATO Headquarters Sarajevo commander, speaks with female officers of the Turkish Land Forces during a mentoring session at Camp Butmir, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 7 April 2016.
    • An Indian National Cadet Corps (NCC) member gives the final touch up to her colleagues makeup prior to performing in a cultural programme during the 66th NCC day celebrations in Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad on 22 November 2014.
    • A female soldier during a parade of the Latvian National Armed Forces, 18 November 2012.
    • Female soldiers during a parade of the Japanese Self-Defence forces.
    • A female soldier from a mortar team of the Italian Army's mechanised brigade Aosta.
    • A South Korean woman reacts during a training camp for civilians at a Special Warfare Command military base in Seoul on 4 August 2011.
    • A Romanian female soldier, left, and a US Marines female counterpart share a joke after switching weapons to get usedto each other's equipment during training at the Capu Midia surface-to-air firing range, on the Black Sea coast in Romania, 20 March 2017.
    • A female soldier in Santiago, Chile.
    • Women dressed as female Vietcong soldiers during the Vietnam War parade during official celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Vietnam's Dien Bien Phu victory over France at a stadium in the northwestern town of Dien Bien Phu on 7 May 2014.
    • Tour guide and Korean People's Army (KPA) captain Choe Un-Jong (26) poses for a portrait at the War Museum, or Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, in Pyongyang, 28 July 2017.
    • A Swedish soldier with the Wartofta Tank Company, Skaraborg Regiment carries a round during the Strong Europe Tank Challenge, 5 June 2018.
    • A female soldier acting as a guide gets ready for the opening of an exhibition to mark China's military achievements in Beijing Monday, 16 July 2007.
    A poster aimed at recruiting girls to the US Army Women's Corps, 1943.

    Military service used to be regarded as a traditional test of manhood and a rite of passage. While female conscription is in place in a limited number of countries women can still serve on a contract basis.

    While women in the US have been serving in the military since the Revolutionary War, they surely experienced a moment to rejoice last week after the Pentagon loosened some restrictions when it comes to female appearance.

    Starting February, new grooming standards will allow women to wear their hair longer than before, wear their hair in up to two braids, or a single ponytail with a bun.

    Besides that, women will be allowed to paint their nails and wear earrings.

    Check out Sputnik's photo gallery to see female soldiers standing guard for their countries.

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