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    • An Eskimo ice cream at Hansens Floedeis dairy in Jaegerspris, Denmark.
    • US actress Betty Compson eating Eskimo Pie in 1922.
    • Donald Trump eats an ice cream as he watches the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Los Angeles Lakers, 13 Jan, 2005, in Los Angeles.
    • Children buy eskimo ice cream in the Soviet Union, 1935.
    • Women eating ice cream bars in Nepal.
    • A monkey at Hannover Zoo eats an ice cream.
    • A woman eats ice cream before the Croatia-England match at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
    • A man waits for his girlfriend, holding a bunch of flowers and two Eskimo pies. Moscow, 1973.
    • A girl walks home with a giant blow up ice cream at a Chinese New Year fair at a local park in Hong Kong on 4 February, 2008.
    • Eskimos for newlyweds, Moscow 1972.
    • A girl eats an Eskimo pie in Estonia, 1990.
    • Paul Walsh, left, chairman and CEO of Pillsbury, gets a bite of a Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar from Joe Weller, chairman and CEO of Nestle USA, who samples an Itzakadoozie frozen pop after a New York news conference, 19 Aug, 1999.
    • A girl waits for her ice cream during a cooking master-class at a festival in Moscow, 2018.
    • Chinese school children eat ice cream in June 1996.
    • A mother feeds her daughter an Eskimo pie, Moscow 1972.
    • Children eat ice cream near a fountain at the VDNKH park in Moscow, 2015.
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    An Eskimo ice cream at Hansens Floedeis dairy in Jaegerspris, Denmark. A Danish glacier has renamed its ice, hitherto called "Eskimo" because the term reminds the Inuit and other Arctic peoples of "a history of humiliation and unjust treatment," a move hailed by a Greenland MP calling on the rest of the sector to follow suit.

    In the US and some other countries, people celebrate the delicious ice cream brand on 24 January...by eating loads of ice cream.

    The first batch of Eskimo Pie ice cream – totalling 25,000 bars – was produced in 1920, and on 24 January, 1921 it was patented in the US.

    Eskimo Pie was named after the indigenous people of the Arctic region. However, many people now consider Eskimo a derogatory term used by colonisers. 

    Last year, the Eskimo Pie brand was renamed following anti-racism protests in the US and across the globe. It's now known as Edy's Pie. 

    Check out Sputnik's gallery to find out more.

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