12:19 GMT18 January 2021
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    • Volunteers spray disinfectant in an alley to help contain the spread of the new coronavirus in the Santa Marta slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, 28 November 2020.
    • Police detain an activist protesting against coronavirus-restriction measures in London.
    • People rollerblade along the beach a day before renewed restrictions due to a surge of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases in Los Angeles, California, 29 November 2020.
    • A four-year-old Ethiopian girl who fled the Tigray conflict as a refugee is measured at a malnutrition centre at the Village Eight transit centre near the Ethiopian border in Gedaref, eastern Sudan, on 2 December 2020.
    • Polar bears at Cape Kozhevnikov.
    • German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks at a light engine for secure communication as she participates in the Digital Summit 2020 at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, 1 December 2020.
    • An eruption of Mount Semeru is seen in Lumajang, East Java Province, Indonesia, 1 December 2020.
    • An elderly woman near her home in the town of Lachin (Berdzor) in Nagorno-Karabakh. In line with the trilateral ceasefire agreement in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Lachin region has been transferred to Azerbaijan.
    • People watch fireworks during Alborada, a tradition to celebrate the arrival of the Christmas season, in Medellin, Colombia, on 1 December 2020 amid the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.
    • A demonstrator throws a wooden stick at riot police vehicle during a protest against Chile's President Sebastian Pinera and his government, on Pinera's birthday, in Santiago, Chile, 1 December 2020.
    • A full moon is seen behind buildings at night in Ashkelon, southern Israel, 1 December 2020.
    • Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the largest petrochemical complex in Tobolsk, ZapSibNefteKhim, an enterprise of the Sibur holding.
    • Medical workers and a patient in the computed tomography room of the hospital for COVID-19 patients at the Voronovskoye Moscow Clinical Centre for Infectious Diseases.
    • Rashid Barzan Othman, a 30-year-old Syrian Kurd, poses while holding his pet lion cub in al-Malikiyah (Derik) in Syria's north-eastern Hasakah province on 29 November 2020.
    • Ugandan musician-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine (C), greets supporters as he sets off on his campaign trail towards eastern Uganda, near Kayunga, on 1 December 2020.
    • Police officers during a rally organised over the actions of law enforcement agencies against migrants and protesting the amendment to the Law on National Security, which provides, in particular, the expansion of police powers, in Paris.
    • Youths enjoy a drink outside a bar at Mureta da Urca, amid the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1 December 2020.
    • Pakistani Christians wearing Santa Claus hats wave while riding in a car during a rally ahead of Christmas celebrations, in Islamabad, on 1 December 2020.
    • A monkey attempts to take hold of a girl's face mask in front of the Prang Sam Yod Temple during the annual Monkey Buffet Festival in Lopburi province, north of Bangkok on 29 November 2020.
    • A cat wearing sunglasses is pictured as a pro-democracy activists protest after the constitutional court's ruling on Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha's conflict of interest case, in Bangkok, Thailand, 2 December 2020.
    • Medical workers collect a swab sample from a boy to be tested for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Klang, Malaysia, 2 December 2020.
    • An aerial photo of labourers working in a field in Karanigonj, outskirts of Dhaka on 30 November 2020.
    • The ten-metre-high statue of the mammoth Mitya, which greets people at the entrance to Salekhard, Russia, was dressed up in a Santa Claus costume.
    © AP Photo / Bruna Prado
    Volunteers spray disinfectant in an alley to help contain the spread of the new coronavirus in the Santa Marta slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, 28 November 2020.

    The past week hasn't seen many events, with the coronavirus pandemic being the central issue as countries around the world are preparing for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

    As far as the COVID-19 issue is concerned, some of the main news this week was the authorisation by the UK government of a vaccine developed jointly by the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and the German firm BioNTech.

    The military conflict in Ethiopia between government forces and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) took a new turn as one of the TPLF's leaders surrendered to federal forces.

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    • A member of the National Guard pushes a colleague in a chair through the Visitor Centre of the U.S. Capitol on 13 January 2021 in Washington, DC.
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      17:07 GMT 15.01.2021

      National Guard Bolsters Security in US Capitol as House Votes to Impeach Trump

      After violent pro-Trump supporters stormed US Capitol on 6 January, disrupting a Congress meeting to verify Biden's presidential win and clashing with the police – which resulted in the death of five people – the National Guard was deployed to the Capitol a week later as the House gathered to debate Trump's impeachment.

    • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi presents the signed article of impeachment against President Donald Trump in an engrossment ceremony before transmission to the Senate for trial on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Wednesday, 13 January 2021.
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      Heavy Police Presence, Protesters Outside Capitol: How House Vote on Trump Impeachment Played Out

      Political and social life in the United States has been turbulent of late following the 3 November presidential election, which gave Democrat Joe Biden 306 Electoral College votes against Trump's 232.

    • This photo shows seven women that were on death row at the Mountain View Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, in Gatesville, Texas. 
The list includes names and when they arrived at the facilities after their sentencing: Darlie Routier, arrived at the unit on 5 February 1997 and is still awaiting execution; Pamela Lynn Perillo, arrived on 4 September 1980 but was resentenced to life in prison plus 30 years on 12 July 2000; Karla Faye Tucker, arrived on 18 December 1984 and was executed on 3 February 1998; Betty Lou Beets, arrived on 14 October 1985, was executed on 24 February 2000; Frances Elaine Newton, arrived on 17 November 1988 and was executed on 14 September 2005; Erica Yvonne Sheppard, arrived on 26 April 1995 and is still awaiting execution; Cathy Lynn Henderson, arrived on 1 June 1995, died on 2 August 2015 in a hospital.
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      Female Inmates That Were Once Put on Death Row in the US

      The federal death penalty was once held unconstitutional after the Supreme Court’s opinion of Furman v. Georgia in 1972. It was restored in 1988 and after the 1994 Federal Death Penalty Act, the number of offences that fall under capital punishment was expanded reaching 60.

    • Bill Clinton, left centre, gives a high five to Chuck Berry, right, during the finale of the Presidential Gala at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, 19 January 1993.
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      From Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump: Four Decades of Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies

      The inauguration of the president of the United States marks the beginning of a four-year term for the newly elected head of state and, since 1937 and the ratification of the Twentieth Amendment, has almost always taken place on the 20 January. The ceremony takes place even if the president being sworn in has already served a first term.