03:50 GMT14 May 2021
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    • Soyuz MS spaceship docked at the ISS.
    • A cosmic object dubbed J025157.5+600606 in the constellation Cassiopeia.
    • Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivashin and Ivan Vagner.
    • The Sahara Desert as seen from the ISS. The picture was taken by Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner.
    • A landslide inside Kepler, a lunar crater.
    • NGC 5643, an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Lupus.
    • Soyuz MS-17 as it is about to dock with the ISS.
    • Kamchatka's volcanoes as seen from the ISS.
    • NGC 2798, a barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Lynx.
    • The Martian surface.
    • NGC 1365, a double-barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Fornax.
    • Launch of a Soyuz-2 rocket carrying GLONASS-K satellites.
    • The construction of a launch pad for Angara rockets captured on camera from the ISS by Russian cosmonaut Sergei Ryzhikov.
    Soyuz MS spaceship docked at the ISS.

    The beauty of the night sky has always captivated people's imagination and has been a driving force in the exploration of the endless universe and its spectacular, if not mind-bending and terrifying, objects. Cosmonauts are lucky to be able to have a closer look at what the space has to offer.

    Sputnik's team has put together a photo gallery especially for you to get a glimpse of the best pictures taken by Russian cosmonauts in October that captured the marvels of our planet and outer space.

    In the gallery, you will see what some of our planet's landscapes look like from orbit. If you want to look even further, take a virtual trip to our only natural satellite the Moon, or our red-hued neighbour Mars, or dive even deeper into the vast universe to marvel at faraway galaxies and nebulae.

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