06:27 GMT30 November 2020
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    • Wash you hands before having a meal!, the poster urges.
    • Fortify your body if you want to stay healthy! Soviet poster promoting frost acclimation.
    • This poster draws attention to the importance of letting fresh air inside the room.
    • Importance of washing hands before meals as seen by a Soviet artist.
    • Soviet poster calling for washing hands to avoid getting infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    • Don't take other people's glasses, spoons, forks, cigarette butts in your mouth, the poster warns.
    • The poster calling for avoiding handshakes.
    • Thank you, doctor! the poster says.
    • This poster urges people to wash hands after work and before meals.
    • The poster cautions about the danger of eating unwashed fuit.
    "Wash you hands before having a meal!", the poster urges.

    A procedure as trivial as hand washing has become a powerful instrument in staving off the new coronavirus disease. However, sometimes people forget about the importance of keeping one's hands clean and often disregard certain hygiene rules. Thankfully, we have Soviet posters to remind us of that!

    Check out Sputnik's photo gallery in which our team has compiled photos of Soviet-era posters calling on people to maintain adequate hygiene in order to stay healthy and prevent certain diseases from spreading.

    The simple rules reflected in these posters from decades ago still remain relevant nowadays, especially during the coronavirus pandemic that, according to the WHO, left 2,774,135 people infected globally.

    However, pandemic or not, it is always crucial to be mindful of these little tips.


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