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    • Walking in Magadan in winter (1970s)
    • A woman wears an otter-skin coat in 1968
    • At women's clothing store in 1988
    • Walking along an embankment, 1973
    • Model wears a creation of the Paris Commune shoe factory (1972)
    • Designer from Nizhny Novgorod (then Gorky) in 1974
    • Model wears a broadtail fur coat with a mink collar (1965)
    • Girls reading the first Russian-language edition of Burda Moden (1987)
    • Rubber boots made at Krasny Bogatyr Moscow-based factory (1962)
    • Soloist at the world famous Igor Moiseyev dance ensemble wears a coat and a hat made of fur (1970)
    • Model wears an otter-skin fur coat with a suede belt (1968)
    • Model wears a creation by a Tatar designer (1980)
    • Little girl eats ice-cream during a walk with her mother (1972)
    • Model wears a winter coat with a fur collar designed by Salut factory (1970)
    • Model wears a blue mink cape (1965)
    • In a knitwear store (1981)
    • A woman during a Sunday ski walk on a winter day in Perm (1966)
    • At Synthetics store in Moscow (1965)
    • Models demonstrate outerwear (1983)
    • Winter (a photo by Y. Lunkov) at the Our Motherland in Pictures exhibition in Moscow (1970)
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    Walking in Magadan in winter (1970s)

    Real fur - to wear or not? This has long become a question of ethics and not just fashion: animal rights activists have their point of view while people living in cold climates may think differently about it.

    Anyway, as the winter is getting closer (and in Russia frosts can be really strong - up to 40 degrees Celsius below zero) we all have to decide what to wear outside to stay warm and comfortable. In Soviet-era Russia, people had few choices for winter clothes since synthetic fabrics simply were not as available as they are today. However, fashion designers of the time offered plenty of warm and beautiful clothes, and we invite you to look through our gallery to learn something new and maybe get inspired for a brand new winter outfit.   

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