20:43 GMT +314 October 2019
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    • Millipede with children
    • A deer shedding its fur
    • Saw fish
    • A statue peeking out of a tree hollow at the Ta Prohm temple complex in Cambodia
    • A parasitic fly of the familly Nycteribiidae sits on a bat in Switzerland
    • Spanish Sawtail Shark
    • A floating ant colony forms a bridge to land as it tries to save its eggs from drowning during a flood.
    • Cicada on the contrary
    • Eulagisca gigantea NIWA specimen.
    • Cordyceps fungus parasitizing a fly.
    • A snake mimicking an Owl-Butterfly Chrysalis, Dynastor darius.
    • A wrap around spider.
    Millipede with children

    While we are struggling to live in harmony, nature tirelessly reminds us of its cruelty and unpredictability. People have become so adapted to everything that happens that sometimes they don’t notice the horrors of the world around them, and their influence is much more destructive for the planet as a whole.

    Nevertheless, the dark side of Mother Nature (with her terrible insects and frightening phenomena) chills the soul.

    You may find this a bit disturbing: After all, people are used to seeing only the beauty of our planet, but there is also another side to everything. However, not everyone wants to notice it.

    spiders, nature, insects
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