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    Yu Misaki (R), campaign girl for Triumph International Japan, displays the company's new "Eco-globe Bra" for their spring/summer 2005 collection in Tokyo, 9 November 2004. The lingerie maker produced the brassiere as a licensed product that is not for general sale to promote EXPO 2005.

    The history of this piece of a woman's wardrobe dates back to the times of ancient Egypt. However, bras, in their current form, appeared in the 19th century, replacing complex and less comfortable corsets.

    The first patent on the production of bras was issued on 3 September 1914 to Mary Phelps Jacob. In the beginning, the new form of a "corset without a back" didn't gain much popularity among women. 

    However, Jacob's husband discerned a lot of potential in the new garment and offered a corset company to buy out the patent for $1500.

    Since that time, bras have changed a lot and are continuing to do so, shifting from genuine to synthetic materials, varying from full-cup bras to balconettes.

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