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    • The Edo-Tokyo Museum
    • Kisho Kurokawa's Nagakin Capsule
    • The Asahi Beer Hall
    • Tokyo Through the Lens of Tom Blachford
    • Tokyo Through the Lens of Tom Blachford
    • Anti-Fire Systems at Tokyo Big Sight
    • Tokyo Through the Lens of Tom Blachford
    • Exhibition Centre Tokyo Big Sight
    • Tokyo Through the Lens of Tom Blachford
    • Fuji TV Headquarters
    • Zig Zag by Tom Blachford
    • Nihon Noir
    • Details by Tom Blachford
    The Edo-Tokyo Museum, dedicated to the history of Tokyo during the Edo period was created in 1993. The edifice was designed by Kiyonori Kikutake.

    Most of the buildings captured on camera were built years ago, however, Tom Blachford says that "they appear as if they have appeared from the distant future."

    Australian artist Tom Blachford has created a series of photographs, Nihon Noir, that capture the neon beauty of Japan's capital.

    To make the ambitious art plan a reality, the artist had to risk his safety as he climbed the roofs to find that perfect angles. 

    Commenting on the production of his series, he revealed that "each building required hours of exploration to find the perfect vantage point whether it be from a rooftop, stairwell or a road worker's crane lift I commandeered to capture the Nagakin from an otherwise impossible perspective."

    Sputnik has compiled a gallery for you showing the photo series dedicated to Tokyo by Tom Blachford. 


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