19:23 GMT13 July 2020
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    • Girls Take Selfies on the Bridge in Zaryadye Park in Moscow
    • Tourists Take Pictures at the Red Square
    • Tourist Takes Picture at the Red Square in Moscow
    • Tourists Take Pictures at VDNH
    • Girls Taking Pictures at Alexander Garden in Moscow
    • Young People Taking Pictures at the Red Square
    • Girls Taking Pictures at Nikolskaya Street in Moscow
    • Girl Takes a Picture with Men Dressed Like Lenin and Stalin at Nikolskaya Street
    • Tourists Take Pictures at VDNH
    • Tretyakov Gallery Visitors Take Selfies With Valentin Serov's Painting Girl With Peaches'
    • A Municipal Worker Takes a Selfie as Russian Military Vehicles are Parked in a Street
    • Girls Take Pictures in Manezhnaya Square
    • Woman Taking a Selfie at Nikolskaya Street in Moscow
    • Police Officers and Tourists at the Red Square
    • People Take Pics at Teatralnaya Square in Moscow
    • Citizens and Tourists at the Red Square
    • Moscow City Visitor Takes a Selfie on the Observation Deck in Moscow
    • Girls Taking Pictures at the Red Square
    © Sputnik / Alexey Kudenko
    Girls taking selfies on the bridge in Zaryadye Park in Moscow.

    Many tourists who visit the Russian capital in all its splendour fall in love with the city, as Moscow offers holidaymakers a finely balanced mix of history and modern architecture, and an unlimited offering of recreational activities to engage in.

    One of the go-to places to take stunning selfies in Moscow is, unsurprisingly, the Red Square, where the public can photograph themselves standing close to the magnificent Saint Basil's Cathedral and the walls of Kremlin. 

    The Moscow International Business Centre is another good location, as one of its towers — the Federation — hosts an observation deck on the 89th floor. 


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