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    • The Shining
    • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    • Rosemary's Baby
    • The Exorcist
    • Halloween
    • Psycho
    • Eyes Without a Face
    • The Thing
    • Alien
    • Night of the Living Dead
    IndieWire has dubbed The Shining the spookiest movie in its list. And it comes as no surprise as the movie's director is the legendary Stanley Kubrick and the plot is based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. Given that the recognized masters of their craft were involved in producing the film, it is understandable why the movie not only scared society at the time of its premiere in 1980, but actually reshaped it as the film has had an incredible impact on popular culture.

    IndieWire online magazine listed the top 100 scary movies of all times. Here's the most horrifying ten of them.

    These films are guaranteed to get you into the Halloween mood, but only you can decide how much is enough — even if you watch just one of the movies, you are likely to get chills going up and down your spine for the whole weekend.

    The list is mainly made up of horror movies that have broken the standards of the Golden Age of Hollywood and includes such names as Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock and Roman Polanski. It is also remarkable that John Carpenter managed to stand out in this ranking, as he is the only one who can see two of his movies getting into IndieWire's Top 10. 


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