09:41 GMT +321 October 2018
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    • Botrytis cinerea conidiophores magnified 3.5X
    • The graduate student of University of Tyumen Sergey Dyachkov conducts a research in the area to bioinformatics
    • Water drops under increase in a stereomicroscope
    • Blossoming of wheat in a fitotronno-hothouse complex in the National center of grain of P.P. Lukyanenko in Krasnodar
    • Tetranychus urticae
    • British Spiders, Phytoseiulus persimilis
    • Ringing of bats at the ornithological station of Zoological institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Curonian Spit
    • Nycteribiidae (parasite fly living on bats)
    • Flower cultivation for city beds
    • Testing ground of studying of a genetic variety of cultural plants
    Traditional pesticides, or chemical formulas to fight crop diseases and pests, are now being replaced with environmentally friendly bio-pesticides that can fight most of dangerous bacteria. These biodegradable substances are biodegradable and do not harm people or animals.

    This is a pathogen (that causes a gray mold disease in plants) under the microscope.

    This Social Navigator photo story discusses some key projects and innovations by the Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Biology (X-BIO) at the University of Tyumen (UTMN).

    Today, scientists are trying to respond to the global challenges facing the biological security of crops and to boost harvests without damaging the environment. Environmental and bio-agricultural research can provide some answers to these questions.

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