02:00 GMT +321 June 2018
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    • Lightning Over Swiss Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland
    • Spring Lightening in Moscow, Russia
    • Morning Bolts Over Haitian Capital
    • Lightning Bolt Striking Stalin-Era Skyscraper in Moscow
    • Flashes Over Sinabung volcano in Karo, Indonesia
    • Lightnings and Windmills in Germany
    • Lightning Forks Over Bridge in San Francisco
    • Flashes of Lightning in Bordeaux, France
    • Lightning Above Wembley Stadium in London, UK
    © REUTERS / Stefan Wermuth
    Lightning illuminates the sky above the Swiss Federal Palace (Bundeshaus) in Bern, Switzerland on May 27, 2018.

    Although one wouldn't wish it upon their worst enemy to feel the wrath of lightning, one may still enjoy these spectacular sights.

    The natural phenomenon, which kills between 6,000-24,000 per year, has mesmerized and terrified humankind for ages. Although scientists had long ago proved that lightning flashes and thunderstorms are the result of electricity in the atmosphere rather than signs of the divine will, images of lightning still sometimes make people hold their breath and shiver. Check it out for yourself in Sputnik's gallery.


    40 Die as Thunderstorms, Lightening Unleash Havoc in Eastern India
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